Meet Petey: a Cuddly Border Collie Mix Ready for Adoption

Petey is an adorable eight-year-old Border Collie mix who is currently available for adoption at the Wise Animal Rescue. He has a super social personality, is very obedient, and loves to go on walks. Read on to learn more about Petey from Wise Animal Rescue and how to apply to adopt him.

Name: Petey

Breed: Border Collie mix

Weight: 35 lbs

Age: 8

Ideal Home: At least one other pet (he loves cats and dogs) and someone willing to be social with him and take him on (even small) adventures.

Kids: Yes! Any age.

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Dogs: Yes! He’s super patient and kind to all.

Cats: Yes! Doesn’t chase and totally respects them.

Crate Trained: Prefers to free roam.

House Trained: Yes!

Other Trained: Extremely obedient and knows several basic obedience commands.

Leash Manners: Perfect. Never pulls. He loves his walks and exploring lots of areas.

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Personality: Calm, peaceful, and cuddly (softest coat you’ll ever touch), obedient, social (yet loves his independent quiet time), quirky, and treasures car rides (even around the block), meeting new people and other animals.

Why he was brought to rescue: Dumped at a South Jersey shelter by someone who has dumped other dogs before. Petey’s teeth and health were neglected to the point that he refused to eat due to pain. He arrived in foster extremely thin and fragile after spending a month in a noisy, cold municipal shelter. Now, he’s flourishing!

For more information about him, please fill out an application at

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