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New Coffee Spot in West Orange: Orange Sky Coffee Roasters

by Christina Mastroeni
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We may be biased, but we think that West Orange is a great spot to grow a business. Between working people in town, college students, and families looking for things to do, West Orange has become a great spot for hip, new businesses. A new coffee spot, Orange Sky Coffee Roasters, recently opened its doors at 6 Main Street. Keep reading to hear more about this new coffee spot in West Orange.

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About the Owners

Husband and wife team  Ray + Trish Laws Locicero are co-owners of Orange Sky Coffee Roasters. Both Ray and Trish have experience working in the culinary industry with Ray as the official “coffee connoisseur.” Trish and her family have culinary experience dating back to her grandparents establishing a restaurant in 1935, which exists in Hershey, PA, and is open to this day.

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The owners work hard to ensure that the coffee produced at Orange Sky Coffee Roasters holds nothing short of excellence. The water used to make Orange Sky’s coffee is filtered using a reverse osmosis purifier, and then remineralized for the perfect balance of flavor. For espresso lovers, Orange Sky boasts a state-of-the-art espresso machine behind its counter as well.

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One goal behind Orange Sky Coffee is to serve a variety of consistently delicious specialty coffee. New flavors will also be on the horizon (pun intended).

Trish + Ray told The Montclair Girl they are thrilled to serve the warm, welcoming West Orange community.

About the Space

If parking on the side or behind the building, customers will be greeted with a warm mural on the side of the building. Filled with colors like pink, yellow, green, + brown, this mural depicts a latte over an orange sun. On either side of the latte, there are coffee beans and a freshly baked croissant.

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The front of the coffee shop has the brick of the building shown on one side and the right side has a bold teal color which is sure to grab the attention of anyone strolling by the space. There is also a large orange font above the entrance with “Orange Sky COFFEE ROASTERS” in a bold font along with the orange sun logo from the mural on the side of the building.



Christina Mastroeni

Upon initial entry to the coffee shop, customers will be greeted with the same bold teal color on the counter in front of the store. A glass display case lets patrons see the baked goods. On top of the counter is space to place an order, and information for any new items or specials the shop has. To the left of the entrance is a small cart with some milk options as well as coffee stirrers, lids, + sweeteners. There is also a vibrant, neon side stating “drink good coffee.” Below the sign at the bottom of the wall are a couple of games for children. To the right of the space is another shelf with bags of coffee beans for sale.

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Menu Options

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If looking to grab something savory, try the buttered croissant, cheesy bread bites + smoked paprika aioli (GF), or a croissant sandwich (bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar, + Boursin herb cheese spread). For a sweet treat, Orange Sky has options like the chocolate caramel croffle, or the chocolate croissant. MG Pro Tip: try the Chocolate Rye Cookie.

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Drink options include staples like drip coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, lattes (iced or hot), nitro cold brew, and more. Tea options include matcha, London fog, + chai lattes.

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Photo Credit: Orange Sky Coffee Roasters

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