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Olive That + More: A Home Cook’s Haven in Verona

by Kristina Helfer
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Looking for a great gift to bring to a party or housewarming? Sick of the standard candle and/or cheese board with knives combo? Olive That and More located at 298 Bloomfield Avenue in Verona is here to spice up your kitchen and gift-giving skills! A splash of gourmet olive oil might be just the thing to add to your next special at-home meal or to enjoy with all of that sourdough bread that we perfected during the early days of quarantine. Read on to learn more about this small Verona shop dishing out big flavor.

How It Came to Be

Olive That and More

Located on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona, Olive That and More sell extra virgin olive oils, infused and flavored olive oils, balsamic vinegar, artisanal pasta, and unique gifts. The store strives to open customer’s eyes and palates to new flavor combinations via its high-quality products.

The Ivy at Chatham

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Olive That and More

Originally opened in Montclair in 2012 and reopened in Verona three years ago, the storefront is rustic and inviting. It features stunning dark wood tables around the perimeter of the store with stainless steel olive oil and balsamic vinegar dispensers atop. The walls are painted and decorated in Mediterranean colors and the entire experience feels authentic.

Olive That and More

Husband-and-wife team Steve Lehrhoff and Jennifer O’Sullivan live locally in Verona. They were inspired to open the store as a result of their travels around the world. A product from Olive That and More will transport your kitchen to another world of flavor.

The Products

Olive That and More

All olives are not created equal and the olive oils sold at Olive That and More are from different areas of the world, showing off regional flavor profiles. The olive oils come from Spain, Greece, Sicily, Italy, and California.

The most purchased products in the store are the Meyer lemon olive oil, the Tuscan herb olive oil, and the unflavored extra virgin olive oils. 

Olive That and More

The store stocks about 12-15 flavored and 3-5 unflavored olive oils, and 12-15 types of balsamic vinegar at any time. 

The flavors are seasonal and keep customers coming back time and time again to try new items.

What’s Ahead

Olive That and More

(Photo credit: @olivethatandmore)

Due to COVID, the storefront’s hours changed and prevented it from hosting its delicious tasting events. Fortunately, it will be back to normal operating hours starting in the fall and there are upcoming events! 

Olive That and More hosts both public and private events within the store. It can hold 12 guests seated around its beautiful communal table or about 20 standing. Email Jennifer at [email protected] for dates of upcoming events or to schedule your own private tasting party. 

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The pandemic also temporarily shut down its online store but it will be back up and running, shipping its olive oils and balsamic vinegar around the U.S, in the fall as well.

Whether you are looking for a delicious gift, want to up your salad game, or are experimenting to find the best ever chicken recipe, a stop to Olive That and More will definitely inspire and delight.

 To keep up with Olive That and More’s offerings and tasting events, follow the store on Instagram @olivethatandmore.

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