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O’Bagel is Now Delivering to All of Passaic + Essex Counties

by Sarah Boyle
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If there’s anything New Jersey does particularly well, it’s a bagel. Whether you take your bagel with cream cheese, butter, lox, or eggs, we have good news for you. One of NJ’s favorite local bagel shops, O’Bagel, has opened a new ghost kitchen in Belleville and now has bagel delivery to all of Passaic and Essex counties. This means that lazy Sundays can get even more low-key with bagels and sandwiches delivered right to your door. The new spot, located at 500 Cortland Street in Belleville, also has pick-up options for anyone strolling by — though it’s operating as a ghost kitchen, which means it mainly serves as a kitchen and does not have seating inside. Read on for what we know about O’Bagel and its brand new delivery options for Passaic + Essex counties. 


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About O’Bagel

O’Bagel is a family-owned shop that now officially has five locations throughout New Jersey. Founded by Sam El-Hassan, the shop’s first location opened in Stirling at 1168 Valley Road nearly two decades ago.

“It started as the vision of Sam, who wanted to put his expertise of hand rolling bagels into a suburban community that respects and appreciates fresh quality bread made from hand-selected ingredients,” the website reads.

In 2003, O’Bagel grew and added two additional locations at Riverwalk and Dewy Meadow, both in Basking Ridge.

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Now, co-owner, chef, and CEO (Carb Executive Officer) Stephen El-Hassan, Sam’s son, has taken expanding the business further into his own hands — though with the fervent support of and help from his parents. In his mid twenties, after dabbling in a media internship, he read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and realized his own mastery was in the food industry, having worked at his father’s bagel shop all his life. He decided to jump into the family business and open his very own location in Hoboken in 2016, which he previously told our sister site The Hoboken Girl was a scary but exciting choice. Since then, Stephen has helped lead the charge of O’Bagel’s expansion and has helped grow it to five locations — and Sam has stayed the bagel master at every location.

Stephen also shared on his Instagram that there will be yet another location announcement coming on August 1st.


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On the Menu + At Your Door: Shipping for Essex and Passaic Counties

Every bagel shop comes with the classics — and O’Bagel is no exception. Whether it’s a bacon, egg, and cheese; The Jersey Debate (ahem, Taylor ham); or a corned beef Dublin, O’Bagel has you covered. There’s also the option for chicken salad, tuna salad, lox, and more. It has a list of brand new classic sandwich options as well, dubbed the ‘O’Deli’ section, for those craving more of a hardcore lunch vibe.

O’Bagel even sells its delicious bagel mix to the public, allowing customers to bake the bagels right from their own home. The company also sells bagel seasoning, including its famous French toast bagel seasoning.

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Perhaps most notably, O’Bagel proudly serves jumbo bagels which are 30-pound bagels with your choice of toppings. Nothing says a party like an enormous bagel for everyone to share. This is just one of the catering options it provides for various parties and functions.

Because these bagels are in such high demand, there are often long lines out the door. Luckily, there are online ordering options for those who live close to an O’Bagel shop — and for everyone in Essex + Passaic counties, that now includes you.

With its latest opening of a ghost kitchen in Belleville at 500 Cortland Street, O’Bagel can now deliver anything on the menu to everyone in and around the Belleville area. The online ordering system is up and running with both a pick-up and delivery option, depending on what you’re in the mood for. O’Bagel posted a video announcing the opening, and says it’s celebrating its new expansion by featuring a BOGO on June 8th only.

There’s currently nation-wide shipping of just the bagels (so no pre-made sandwiches or anything perishable) via Goldbelly.

The Montclair Girl will keep you in the loop after the August 1st announcement of the new location. In the meantime, stay in the know with @themontclairgirl on Instagram and TikTok.

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