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North Jersey Quirky Cats: Our Readers Share Their Pets’ Funny Anecdotes

by The Montclair Girl Team
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International Cat Day was August 8th, and there’s no better way to celebrate than acknowledging some of the beautiful felines in the North Jersey area. Cats are both wonderful and hilarious creatures. One minute, they’re purring and snuggling up against you — the next, they’re doing flips inside a cardboard box. We asked our readers to submit pictures of their pet cats along with some funny, quirky anecdotes. To celebrate International Cat Day, we’ve compiled these cats + their quirks below. Read on for a list of some local North Jersey cats.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their cats. While we couldn’t include everyone, we enjoyed each and every one of your kitties — and will hang onto the cat photos we didn’t use for future articles. 

Dusty, Will Steal Your Hot Dog — Owned by Sam + Danny

dusty cat owner sam

The Ivy at Chatham

This beautiful grey kitty is a sweetheart — though she has one pretty funny quirk. “Dusty’s the perfect cat and has a few quirks — the funniest is that she LOVES hot dogs and will do anything to steal one from you,” her owners, Sam and Danny, said.

Millie, Gets Nocturnal Zoomies — Owned by Erika

millie white cat blue eyes

This blue-eyed beauty is on the shyer side and is a huge fan of the aptly-named cat nap. However, according to her owner, Erika, she perks up at exactly 11PM every night and that’s when she’s wildly energetic + wants to play.

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Ollie (a.k.a Booba), Undergoing an Identity Crisis — Owned by Laina

ollie brown and white cat

(Photo credits: Laina Terry)

This one made us all laugh — meet Ollie, or should we say, Booba. “He barely responds to his name and primarily responds to ‘Booba,'” his owner, Laina, shared. “… Whoops!”

Gardenia, Addicted to Nacho Cheese Doritos — Owned by Amanda

gardenia brown cat

(Photo credits: Amanda Vitale)

Gardenia, much like many of us, has a bit of a Nacho Cheese Doritos addictions. Oh, and she howls like a dog, according to her pet parent, Amanda.

Ava, Needs No Introduction — Owned by Amelia

ava black cat

(Photo credits: Amelia ‘Missy’ Titus)

With a beautiful and hilarious face like that, we don’t need to say much else. Her owner, Amelia, cited Ava’s tendency to always “be derpin.”

Justice, Will Wake You Up By Chewing Your Hair — Owned by Christiana

justice brown striped cat

(Photo credits: Christiana Natale)

This kitty, Justice, is beautifully harnessed trained — but her funniest quirk is that she loves to chew her mama, Christiana’s, hair in the morning. That’s certainly an effective alarm clock.

Arty, Will Mistake Your Head for a Pillow — Owned by Colleen

arty white brown cat

(Photo credits: Colleen Christi Willett)

Arty may be cute, but he’s still struggling to learn what a pillow is. “His favorite place to sleep is on your head,” his owner, Colleen, said. “He also has full conversations back and forth with humans at all times of the day.”

Cookie, Has a Taste for + Will Open the Trader Joe’s Olive Oil — Owned by Winni

cookie brown striped cat

(Photo credits: Winni Wei)

Cookie is one sharp cat — and he puts his intelligence to his own strange advantage. “He can twist open the Trader Joe’s olive oil bottle on the kitchen counter top and then lick the oil!” his owner, Winni, told us.

Holly, A Master of Disguise — Owned by Liz

cat halloween costumes

(Photo credits: Liz Romano)

Holly, a rescue cat, is obsessed with disguising herself in adorable costumes. Her owner, Liz, also told us she learned how to fist pump in exchange for treats.

Heathcliff, Probably Currently Raiding the Fridge — Owned by Lana + Andy

cat raiding fridge

(Photo credits: Lana Rose)

Heathcliff is a silly + snuggly boy who is a big fan of the fridge. His owners, Lana + Andy, said that he learned most of his food-begging from his new brother, Theo. Which brings us to…

Theo, Screams When Hungry + Has Interesting Sleep Preferences — Owned by Lana + Andy

orange cat hugging couch

(Photo credits: Lana Rose)

Theo is Heathcliff’s mischievous brother. “Theo screams monstrously at us when he wants dinner & is constantly asking for food!” Theo’s owners said. “He taught Heathcliff how to meow loudly and beg.” Theo is also a fan of gripping the couch for dear life while snoozing.

Nelly, Believes She is an Egg — Owned by Lauren

cat egg carton

(Photo credits: Lauren Bittle)

Nelly loves egg cartons, walking outside, and doing yoga or taking naps in the sun. “To show her love, she gives headbutts!” her owner, Lauren, said. “She’s super soft and very dog-like and snuggles with me every night.” She even has an Instagram.

Squirrel, Obsessed with Rutgers — Owned by Alex

half orange half black cat

(Photo credits: Alex Michelle)

This multi-colored beauty is named Squirrel and just celebrated her birthday. “She loves going on walks in her backpack, eating treats at Elysian Park, and is a big fan of Rutgers,” her owner, Alex, said.

Henry, May Be an Undercover Human — Owned by Jennifer

cat sitting on back

(Photo credits: Jennifer Geoghan)

Henry is one of 3, and he and his siblings are all dog-like. “They all follow me around, are super friendly, LOVE snuggles & pets & get along with other cats/dogs!” Jennifer, Henry’s owner, told us. Henry also has some human-like qualities, particularly the way he lounges on his back just like a person.

Princess Lilly, The Gossip Girl — Owned by Meredith


(Photo credits: Meredith Gray)

Lilly has yet to meet a person she doesn’t love. She loves to carry her babies (stuffed animals) around at 2AM, meowing as loud as she can — but Lilly’s owner told us about a funnier quirk: “She also loves gossip + always comes into the room when she hears my roommates and I gossiping about anything.”

Jeffica Simpson, Likes to Bite Chins — Owned by Molly

jeffica simpson

(Photo credits: Molly Mehan)

Jeffica Simpson is a 2-year-old cutie who is unbelievably soft and goes by Jeff. As for her funny traits, Jeff’s owner shared with us that “she softly bites my chin when she’s sleepy.”

Chandler, Fitness Enthusiast + Joey, Likes to Jump — Owned by Melissa

chandler joey

(Photo credit: Melissa Cooper)

Chandler (Tuxedo Cat) and Joey (Tabby Cat) are two cats who clearly love to snuggle. Their owner, Melissa, shared a funny fact about each of her cats: “Chandler can often be found weighing himself on my scale and has permanently ruined my Fitbit app, and Joey likes to launch all 17 lbs of himself onto my sleeping body each morning to wake me up.”

Waffle, Chases Ice Cubes — Owned by Julia + Kyle


(Photo credit: Julia Molloy)

Waffle is an adorable kitty who has two funny traits — “He loves chasing ice cubes around the apartment and stealing my work chair whenever I get up,” his owner, Julia, told us.

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Bentley, A Budding Yogi — Owned by Lauren


(Photo credit: Lauren Michelle)

Bentley’s interests are pretty self-explanatory – “He likes the happy baby yoga pose,” his owner, Lauren, told us.

Leonardo DiCatprio, Always Picking Fights — Owned by Amy

leonardo dicatprio

(Photo credit: Amy Lin)

Leonardo DiCatprio’s owner explains it all for him: “He is a sleepy boy and usually likes to eat, sleep like a croissant, and beat up his sister when she gets too feisty,” Amy said.

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