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40 Things We’re Thankful For in North Jersey

by Morgan Rupinski
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“There’s no place like home!” for us local to North Jersey and it’s no secret we have a lot of pride in our great Garden State. However, it never hurts to have a friendly reminder about the things we love most. In honor of the holiday season, we wanted to give thanks and show gratitude to North Jersey this season. From the food and our geography to our communities and our people — there’s really no shortage of things to love about the Garden State. Read on to learn more about the top reasons we are grateful for North Jersey this season.

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Bagels, Bagels, Bagels!

It’s obvious that New Jersey loves its bagels. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, there are tons of delicious spots to grab a BEC SPK when you need it.

Beautiful Fall Foliage

There’s nothing quite like fall in New Jersey. From the crispy air, festive local experiences, and — of course — some of the best fall foliage changes in the country.

Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

While we may not be California or Oregon, we love enjoying our local breweries, wineries, and distilleries, all with their own individual personalities and taste.

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Coffee Shops

Whether it’s your favorite Instagram-worthy boutique coffee shop or your go-to grab-and-go spot, there’s definitely no shortage of coffee shops to enjoy and love around New Jersey.


Did you know that New Jersey has more diners per capita than any other state? Of course you did.

Easy Access to New York City

Options are endless: bridge, tunnel, trains, buses, a boat — heck, you could even walk or cycle over the GWB if you really wanted to! Getting into Manhattan is a breeze for us north Jerseyans. 

Ethnic Diversity

As of 2022, New Jersey now ranks seventh in the US for ethnic diversity. We’re grateful to be able to experience such a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and languages.

Exciting Hiking Trails

We love having all the seasons here in NJ, and what better way to experience them than with a gorgeous hike on one of north Jersey’s many hiking trails — for all levels of hikers.

Family-Friendly Living

Earlier this year, New Jersey was ranked tenth as the best place to raise a family by Wallethub. This list combines factors such as education, health and safety, and family fun.

Farm-to-Table Fruits and Vegetables + Farmer’s Markets

They don’t call us the Garden State for nothing. New Jersey offers an abundance of farmland that provides the state with the freshest locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are great attractions for individuals and families who love shopping while also looking for great deals and unique finds. Luckily for us, New Jersey is home to so many options.

Gorgeous Homes

Taking a stroll around your community can become quite a pleasure when you’re being met with gorgeous and unique properties.

Hot Dog Joints

New Jersey is jam-packed with so many iconic hot dog joints – some of them even reaching national acclaim.

Ice Cream Parlors

Since New Jersey has such an immense food scene, it’s only fitting that we also boast some of the most delicious ice cream and sweet treats that follow.

Italian Delis

Fresh bread, local veggies, and thinly sliced cold cuts – Italian delis are definitely deserving of our gratitude.

The Boss + Bon Jovi

Whether you’re livin’ on a prayer or born to run, we’re grateful for these two rock legends who call NJ home.

Lakes, Rivers, + Reservoirs

Our local lakes, rivers, and reservoirs introduce so many fantastic recreation opportunities such as swimming, fishing, and boating.

Leading Education System

From nationally ranked public schools to Ivy League colleges, New Jersey offers some serious education stats.

Lush County Parks

According to a study reported by The New Jersey Herald, New Jersey reserves 20% of its land for parks and wildlife. The only state that beats that is Alaska. It’s no wonder there are so many lush gorgeous parks for us to enjoy.

Making a Right on Red

A simple, yet classic joy for us New Jerseyans.

Mouth-watering Pizza

Move over New York and Connecticut.


If you’re ever in need of filling your day, look no further than some of our own local museums. These educational and historic preservations are definitely worth the trip.

Never Pumping Your Own Gas

$20 cash regular, please.

New York City Skyline Views

New Jersey takes all the credit when it comes to New York City skyline views.

Proximity to the Jersey Shore

There’s nothing quite like cruising down the parkway on a summer day to spend some time at your favorite beach town at the Jersey Shore.

Reality Star Spotting

New Jersey is home to many reality stars and – if you’re lucky – you might just spot one of them locally.

Restaurants + Bars

New Jersey is a foodie’s paradise. From fine dining and food trucks to craft beers and specialty cocktails, New Jersey has it all.

Retail Shopping Galore

Although some may poke fun at how many malls and retail locations New Jersey offers — we know they’re just jealous. Whether you’re looking for some retail therapy or need to pick up some gifts, you’ll also be able to shop locally.

Rich History + Culture

New Jersey plays a vital role in much of the nation’s history including the American Revolution, Industrial Revolution, and the Underground Railroad. Many of our towns, cities, and communities even have direct ties to Native American tribes.

Scenic Drives + Highways

There’s nothing like taking a step away from your busy life and hopping on one of New Jersey’s many scenic roads. From mountains and foliage to farmland and water, there’s always something to see.

Sports Teams + Stadiums

There’s really no better place to be than New Jersey if you’re a sports fan. All of our stadiums are easily accessible and many of our teams are world champion title holders.

Summertime Fairs

Savory food, sweet treats, and thrill-seeking rides are some of our favorite summertime activities.

Tax-Free Groceries

New Jersey allows residents to shop for groceries tax-free, which is definitely helpful when you’re trying to cut back on spending or ball on a budget.

Taylor Ham

Looking at you South Jersey. But honestly, call it what you want — put it on an egg sammy and we here in NJ are as happy as a clam at the shore.

That New Jersey Pride

There’s truly no place like home. Many local and native residents of New Jersey can definitely agree that the Garden State is the best, no matter how many silly insults others may throw at us.

The People

Our friends, families, and communities are truly what make New Jersey, New Jersey.

Wawa + QuickChek

Again – just don’t make us pick one.

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World-Class Entertainment

Concert venues, stadiums, sports, amusement, theater, festivals – we have it all!

Your Favorite Local Small Business

Everyone has that staple business in their neighborhood that they would be lost without. New Jersey is home to so many impactful and reliable businesses that stimulate their communities.

Your Signature Parkway Exit

Don’t be surprised if you ask a native New Jerseyan where they’re from and they respond with a number. It just makes sense to us!

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