Montclair Spots Open on Labor Day 2021

Labor day is a weekend holiday that honors the American labor movement and the contributions of laborers to the development of the U.S. We have rounded up a list of restaurants that will be open on Labor Day in Hoboken and Jersey that you could show support to this Monday. Keep reading to see which businesses will be open

Mattarello Bakery

Ah’Pizz | 7 North Willow Street

Open from 11AM-10PM

Bareburger | 480 Bloomfield Avenue

Open from 11:30AM-10PM

Eat Tacoria | 367 Bloomfield Avenue

Open from 11:30AM – 9PM

Jack’s Seafood Shack | 718 Bloomfield Avenue

Open from 11AM-9PM

Mattarello | 254 Bellevue Avenue

Open from 6AM-7PM

Montclair Diner | 613 Valley Road

Open from 8AM-3PM

Paper Plane Coffee Co. | 195 Claremont Avenue

Open from 7AM-3PM

Raymond’s | 28 Church Street

Open from 8AM-9PM

Samba | 7 Park Street

Open from 12PM-8PM

Sweet Kitchen | 533 Bloomfield Avenue

Open from 7AM-9PM

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