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An Inside Look at Bivio Pizza Napoletana: Montclair’s Most Intimate Pizzeria

by Morgan Rupinski
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We’re big fans of a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Between the limited-but-exquisite menu, the intimate atmosphere, and the like-home vibes, Bivio Pizza Napoletana checks off all these boxes. Located at 107 Pine Street in Montclair, this special pizza spot deserves to be on your list of next local restaurants to visit. Read on for an inside look into Bivio Pizza Napoletana in Montclair.

bivio pizza napoletana montclair

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The Backstory

Bivio Pizza Napoletana is owned by 30-year long Montclair resident Tommaso Colao and his wife Jackie. “My family is from around Naples, and my mother and grandmother were great cooks,” Tommaso told The Montclair Girl. “I grew up in a very Italian home where my mother and grandmother would make bread, desserts, pastas — I mean everything! It’s just the way it was in my family.”

bivio pizza napoletana montclair

Though Tommaso is now an excellent chef, that wasn’t always his choice of career. Up until 2011, before opening his restaurant, he was actually a musician — and the two professions, according to Tommaso, aren’t dissimilar.

“[Cooking] is like playing music,” Tommaso said. “You got the heat from the fire, the colors from the flames, the rhythm of putting the pizza in, turn it, get it out. It’s a connection for me. It’s an artistic endeavor and I’m passionate about it.”

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Inside Bivio Pizza Napoletana

Bivio Pizza Napoletana has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that immediately gives the sensation of being at home. 

bivio pizza napoletana montclair

Over by the wood-fired brick oven —  which was successful at keeping the entire restaurant warm —  diners can see Tommaso rolling out dough and preparing each pizza himself. The menu gets brought over on an easel where the waiter or waitress describes the in-house ingredients as well as the homemade bread and dough. The restaurant seats 24 — and when we dropped by, every table was full. The ambiance is romantic and intimate, immediately transporting visitors to small-town Italy with Pine Street providing the perfect backdrop.

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The Pizza

There are five pizzas and two appetizers on the menu, with an addition of two specials each night. Tommaso’s personal recommendation is the Margherita — which, of course, we had to sample. Each pizza is small enough to eat personally, or you can order several to share. The pizza bakes for only roughly 60 seconds in Bivio’s brick oven before it’s brought to the table.

Tommaso told The Montclair Girl that he spent years developing his flavor profile — and it shows. There is a beautiful simplicity of ingredients that makes each bite delightful, fresh, and delicate.

bivio pizza napoletana montclair

“We’re not trying to create anything. We’re just trying to do our best and present traditional Neapolitan pizza and be honest about it. If you came to our house, this is how you would be treated,” Tommaso told MG. “This is our home.”

In terms of wine pairings to go with pizza, Tommaso had a few suggestions.

“I always lean towards Italian, but that’s not necessary,” he told MG. “A good chianti, a nice Nebbiolo. For white wine: Verdicchio or a nice Pinot Grigio. Personally, I like a nice Sauvignon Blanc in the summer. Not too heavy of a wine, you want a lighter wine. But it’s all personal!”

bivio pizza napoletana montclair

Bivio is in-house dining by reservation only and is only open Thursday through Saturday from 5PM to 10PM. There is no takeout or delivery due to the brick oven’s capacity. “[We want] to serve our dining room in the best way possible,” Tommaso explained. “When trying to add 10 pizzas into our oven for takeout, I have to stop doing what I’m doing for our guests. It’s not good.”

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