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New BYOB Restaurant ’11 South’ Opening in Montclair

by Danielle Farina
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When Teglia Pizza Bar arrived on the Montclair food scene in 2021, its fluffy + flavorful square pies were the talk of the town. In its first week alone, the family-owned shop cranked out over 30 Roman-style pizzas a night and quickly became something of a pizza paradise here in Montclair. Now, this little slice of cheesy heaven is growing, as owner Joseph Catalano journeys around the corner for his next food venture, 11 South. Rooted in Joseph’s Sicilian heritage, 11 South will be a BYOB Mediterranean spot with a vibrant vibe and more expansive menu than its sister restaurant. The Montclair Girl got a chance to chat with Joseph about what to expect from 11 South, which is opening Tuesday, May 23rd at, you guessed it, 11 South Fullerton Avenue. Read on for what we know about 11 South, the new restaurant coming to Montclair from the owners of Teglia Pizza Bar. 

11 south montclair

^ 11 South in progress (Photo Credit: Joseph Catalano)

The Ivy at Chatham

About Teglia Pizza Bar

Though only open for a short time, Teglia Pizza Bar is a certified Montclair staple. Serving up Roman-style pizza slices, this spot undoubtedly filled a square-shaped void when it first opened its doors in June of 2021. There’s a method behind the madness: per Teglia’s website, its “hand-crafted dough starts with our big ‘mother dough’ and continues with a slow rise and fermentation. This adds to the complexity of our crust with a crispy, chewy, yet light, texture and stand-alone flavor profile.” It’s a science, really — one that owner Joseph Catalano + his family have both inherited and perfected through their Sicilian background.


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Teglia is located at 438 Bloomfield Avenue and is primarily a grab-and-go spot, with sizable slices and classic appetizers. It’s pretty casual, as any pizzeria would be, and is a go-to for take-out and delivery. Teglia’s forthcoming sister restaurant, 11 South, is an effort by Joseph to create an elevated dining experience that’s equal in vibrance to his family recipes.

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What to Expect from 11 South

11 South restaurant montclair

^ 11 South in progress (Photo Credit: Joseph Catalano)

11 South is officially opening Tuesday, May 23rd (after a weekend-long soft opening) at 11 South Fullerton Avenue, situating the storefront across the street from Teglia. The restaurants’ rear entrances will face each other. In a conversation with MG, Joseph shared that the vision behind 11 South was to create a “light and energetic” space, which Joseph feels is a departure from some of the darker ambiances currently dominating the restaurant world. 11 South will be a place for “a great vibe and energy that patrons can share an uplifting experience.”

As for the eats, there’s much to be excited about. Joseph describes the 11 South menu as a “trip through Sicily” with traditional and non-traditional dishes battling for tastebud dominance. Some highlights include Arancini (aka rice balls), Caponata, Lamb shank, and house-made pasta dishes. There will be two kinds of  Sfincione, a traditional Sicilian pizza with tomato, anchovy, onions, capers, and olives. According to Joseph, this slice has “so much natural Unami it will knock you back.” To that, we say game on.

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