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Zachy Platters + Grill Opening in Montclair

by Diana Cooper
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A new Mediterranean restaurant called Zachy Platters & Grill will be opening soon at 150 Valley Road in Montclair. Passersby might have noticed the red and white sign and banner that describes it as having “Shawarma, Falafel, Hummus, Kebab”. As college students and locals in the area anticipate the opening, The Montclair Girl has learned what the menu will include and what the setup will be. Read on for more information about Zachy Platters & Grill opening in Montclair.

zachy platters grill montclair sign

About The Owners

Zachy’s owners happen to be the same owners of the business next door, Hot Bagels Abroad. Father Mike Badha and sons Rany Badha and Louie Badha are also the faces behind Zachy Platters & Grill. Montclair Girl caught up with Louie who shared more details.

“It’s convenient. It’s right next door. My father’s been in that [food] business for over 18 years, so we figured we’d bring it to Montclair,” Badha told us.

The Ivy at Chatham

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Hot Bagels Abroad has been a staple in Montclair since 1992. Every morning, the phones are ringing non-stop with orders and residents are quick to get in line to place their favorite breakfast items. The bagels are freshly baked (if you’re in town, you must try their “famous” French toast bagel!) and the cream cheeses are handmade in the store. 

“We honor the Northeast tradition of doing bagels right – toasty on the outside, airy and soft on the inside, with just the right amount of denseness and chewiness,” Hot Bagels’ Facebook page reads.

hot bagels abroad montclair

(Photo credit: Hot Bagels Abroad)

Mediterranean Done Right

Zachy Platters & Grill Inc. was officially registered as a company in February 2021. Since then the owners have been hard at work bringing the restaurant to life. And, we’re told the freshness that Hot Bagels has will also be found at Zachy’s.

“Everything’s going to be homemade on the premises. We’re slicing our own [meat], whether it be ribeye or sirloin. We’re slicing it here in the store and packing it up here,” Badha shares.

“Everything’s going to be made here every morning from scratch from the salads to the bowls, to the shawarma, and even the pita bread. Everything’s going to be made fresh in the morning and we’re just going to make enough for the day every day. Nothing is ever frozen.”

Louie mentions they’re already in talks with a local meatpacking business and says their menu is in the process of being finalized but will consist of “all the Mediterranean stuff.”

“We’re trying to keep it simple,” he adds while listing off the food that will be included on the final menu.  Falafels, chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, chicken kebab, beef kebab, hummus, baba ganoush, all the different kinds of skewers, and more.

hummus zachy platters grill montclair

There will be three base options to choose from: a pita, a wrap or long roll, or a platter. Then there will be two side options. Louie calls the platters “New York City platters,” which will consist of rice, meat like chicken or beef, and white sauce on the top.

What will set the new business apart is the 8-foot salad bar where customers can pick from all different kinds of salads.

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There will also be delicious desserts like baklava and “really good” fresh homemade lemonade. 

Zachy’s Grand Opening

The setup inside will be similar to Hot Bagels Abroad. There will be a countertop and some tables and seats for dining in. Zachy’s will be available for takeout and delivery upon opening, which is still TBD.

Louie says they’re shooting for mid-July. “Everyone’s anxious for us to open so they can try it out,” the family guy shares. 

chicken sandwich zachy platters grill montclair

To give back to Hot Bagels’ most loyal customers, the staff will be giving out freebies on the first day of operation. “Our customers who come from the bagel store, we’re going to give them some type of coupon where they’ll get sandwiches free of charge the first day we open. It’ll be a way to just get the word out to everybody so that they can taste it and feel it out,” he says. 

While Zachy Platters & Grill does not have a website at the moment nor any social media, The Montclair Girl will be sure to keep readers in the know on our Instagram

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