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Meet Corefire Montclair’s New Owners + Its Supportive Workout Community

by The Montclair Girl Team
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Staying in shape can be difficult if you don’t have a workout regime to follow. Thankfully, Montclair provides many great fitness facilities — one of them being Corefire. Founded in 2014 and located at 211 Bellevue Avenue, Corefire provides clients with 45-minute classes that are both high-intensity and low-impact, targeting the entire body. Keep reading to learn all about Corefire + its new client specials.


All About Corefire + Its Classes

Corefire is a physical fitness program and facility in Montclair that provides 45-minute, full-body, high-intensity, low-impact workout classes. These classes integrate slow movements and quick transitions between each movement. Whether this is your primary workout or not, Corefire compliments HIIT training, heavy lifting, and it’s great for runners, golfers, and winter sport enthusiasts.

“Within those 45 minutes, you are engaging muscles that you didn’t even know were there,” said Sara Fusco, co-owner of Corefire. “Our workout is done using the Lagree Fitness method, and the equipment we use is the Megaformer (which is different from a REformer). The science behind this method is executing the exercises at a slow pace to ensure you are hitting each and every muscle fiber. This is where that ‘Corefire shake and burn’ (in a good way!) comes into play.”

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Every class is different, as every coach takes a different approach and teaching style. In other words, clients gain and learn something new from every session. Additionally, all classes are suitable for every level of fitness. Corefire also provides various membership options that allow multiple classes per month, including an unlimited class option.

“Whether you are new to fitness, new to the Lagree method, or a seasoned vet, you will leave each session feeling challenged and accomplished,” said Sara. “Our coach’s job during each session is to safely guide you through each and every movement while challenging you at the same time. The entire class is time-based, so as a client, you do not need to count reps for each movement — we got you!”

In addition to classes, Corefire also provides one-on-one private sessions or group private sessions if requested.


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Meet Corefire’s New Owners + Community

Previous owners, Angela McCaffrey and Caitlin DiRuggiero founded Corefire about 10 years ago. Just one year ago, Sara and Joe Fusco took over as co-owners after working there for almost as long as the studio has been open.

“Sara has been in the Montclair community her entire life, growing up down the street from the studio in Cedar Grove,” Joe told The Montclair Girl. “She has been coaching at the studio for almost 10 years, [and] she was an elementary school teacher in Montclair at Nishuane Elementary School for years.”

Before heading to school to teach for the day, Sara would often coach some of the parents of her students at early-morning workout classes. Today, she and Joe take care of the behind-the-scenes work as well as coach classes. Additionally, they work with other great coaches who help run the studio, including Casey, Farshad, Mara, Tricia, Alyssa, Emma, Liz, Mary, and Amber.


^ Joe and Sara Fusco

Another team player is Dominique, Corefire’s VIP event coordinator who helps set up pop-up shots for other small businesses. Dominique also plans private events such as bridal party group workouts and birthday group workouts.

Additionally, Sare and Joe boasted about the lovely clients and community.

We love our community of clients at Corefire,” said Sara and Joe. “They have been with us for almost 10 years and through a pandemic. Most of them supported us through that hard time because they could and wanted to due to the rapport we (owners and coaches) had built.”


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New Client Specials

New clients are always welcomed with open arms by both the Corefire team and its existing clients.

“All our clients are welcoming to new clients, and we have a great community of people who love Corefire,” Sara said. “Our studio on Bellevue Ave is a fun and safe place to work out and hang out before or after your session!”


New clients at Corefire are also welcomed with some amazing class + package specials to start off their fitness journey at the Montclair studio. Some specials include:

  • STARTER 3 — three classes for $33 package (essentially two free classes)
  • COMMITTED 6 —pack of six classes for $155
  • FIRE PRO — 3-Month Unlimited classes for $205 per month

“The FIRE PRO package is the most popular amongst new clients,” Sara told The Montclair Girl. “It is an awesome deal if you come a minimum [of] two times per week, and it gets you hooked!”


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Corefire is located at 211 Bellevue Avenue in Montclair and 195 S Maple Avenue in Ridgewood. Download their app “Corefire NJ” in your app store to sign up for classes. For any other questions, email helpme@mycorefire.com.

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