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Tortas Lokas: A Vibrant Eatery Serving Up Delish Mexican Eats

by Olivia Rizzo
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There’s no argument that Montclair’s food scene has no shortage of excellent restaurants. New Jersey restaurant Tortas Lokas was looking to add a location in Montclair, and the team knew it would be competing for a spot in residents’ hearts alongside existing favorites. Tortas Lokas’ goal was to bring vibrant, authentic Mexican food to Montclair. In particular, Tortas Lokas wanted to serve traditional Mexican food in a festive and fun way. The new location at 617 Valley Road opened in November 2021, and Montclair residents have warmly received their new neighbor. Read on to learn more about Tortas Lokas.


Tortas Lokas has several locations around North Jersey including Newark, Elizabeth, Passaic, and now Montclair. Since the first store opened in 2016, Tortas Lokas has strived to provide authentic Mexican food to the area.

The Ivy at Chatham

“Customers that are from or have been in Mexico recognize that unique flavor that brings memories. Our major inspiration was to be able to bring the authentic Mexican tortas into New Jersey,” said owner Natalia Cagnone.

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The restaurant has a menu with a wide variety of Mexican dishes but the signature dish is the torta, a Mexican-style sandwich that is traditionally packed with different meats and cheeses.

“There were no Mexican restaurants around the area that offer tortas the authentic way, the ‘Chilango way,’” Natalia said.

Natalia said that the team has been interested in opening a storefront in Montclair for several years. They spent a long time looking for the perfect location, and were finally able to open the Montclair location in November 2021. Natalia said that Tortas Lokas has been fully welcomed by the community since opening.

The Vibe

After stepping into the restaurant customers are greeted with an explosion of color and fun, from the papel de picado hanging from the ceiling to the mural of Frida Kahlo adorning the main wall of the restaurant. The atmosphere transports guests into an environment that signals that it is going to be a good time.

“Tortas Lokas had always sounded like a crazy and unique experience. We love to make people laugh when they read the menu or when we are offering an item from the menu,” Natalia said.

The colorful decor, murals and lighting brings the authentic feeling Natalia says is part of the food to the rest of the restaurant.

The Menu

Tortas Lokas has an extensive menu of Mexican favorites that include tortas, tacos, and burritos as well as a refreshing smoothie and fruit bowl menu. One of the most popular dishes is a combo plate of tacos with a side of chilaquiles, a fried tortilla dish that is covered with cheese and either a red or green sauce.

The most popular torta on the menu is the aptly named Torta Loka which is breaded steak, bacon, ham, hotdogs, sausage, pernil, sauteed onions, and peppers on a homemade telera bread. The restaurant’s taco and burrito section is also completely customizable with a choice of fillings of steak, chicken, pork adobo, pulled pork, chorizo sausage, spicy pork leg, and veggie.

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Tortas Lokas also has weekly deals offering $8 quesadillas on Mondays, $1 tacos on Tuesdays, and $8 burritos on Wednesdays. Online ordering and catering are available.

Follow along with the latest from Tortas Lokas on its Instagram.

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