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Sofistafunk The Skirt Co: Not Your Average Clothing Boutique

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Sofistafunk The Skirt Co. is not your average clothing boutique. As the name suggests, the Montclair-based brand brings all things sophisticated and funky in the form of a skirt. We had the chance to connect with founder and designer, Arlinda McIntosh, to learn more about the company.

(Photo credit: @sofistafunktheskirtco)

The Skirts

Sofistafunk is known for its custom, voluminous skirts. Arlinda describes her creations as “Casually Elegant, VOLUMINOUS Skirts designed for everyday use.” The skirts are made of various fabrics, often in vibrant colors, and can truly be worn for any occasion. While skirts are her products, making people feel good is her true passion. Arlinda says, “I love offering items that people didn’t even know that they wanted.”

On the company Instagram page, the skirts can be seen paired with heels, sparkly jewelry, and a blouse or sneakers, and a t-shirt. They are versatile and a reflection of each person who wears them. In a recent “Today with Hoda & Jenna” interview, Arlinda shared that she currently has nine clients at different stages of cancer treatments, and they wear their Sofistafunk creations to chemotherapy treatment to feel beautiful.

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Getting Started

While it may seem that Arlinda has been designing clothing her whole life, she had a corporate career before jumping into the fashion world. Arlinda worked at a local cable company when she came home to realize her husband had left her and her three children. As a newly single mother, she knew she needed more money to pay her bills. Despite being heartbroken, she started to make a plan. She went on to tell Today, “You can cry or you can try because tears will just give you a wet face.”

Arlinda started making and selling clothes to her friends and used her own style description to name her business in the 90s. “Raised right here in the Garden State, I got my start in fashion in my early twenties after suddenly becoming a single parent needing a way to support myself and my children,” shared Arlinda. In 2006, she trademarked the name Sofistafunk.

(Photo credit: @sofistafunktheskirtco)

A Major Success

From humble beginnings, Arlinda has grown Sofistafunk into a majorly successful business and brand. The label currently has multiple collections including The Gr8 Outdoors, The Gathering, SoBlue, and SoFun. Arlinda says her clientele reflects her brand.

“The Typical Sofistafunk Person is one who is extremely confident expressing themselves, unapologetically, through the art of fashion and the conversation it has with the onlooker.” She went on to talk about the impact she hopes her skirts have on her clients. “My hope is that clients new and old feel and continue to feel the joy infused during the design and construction process.”

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Montclair Made 

To get one of Arlinda’s creations, customers have the option of ordering from the site or working directly with her on a custom design. While Sofistafunk conducts most orders through its website, in-person shopping and consultations can be done by appointment only on Bellevue Avenue in Montclair.

A true Jersey-Girl at heart, Arlinda knew she wanted her shop in Montclair. When asked why this area she said, “I LOVE the Scene.

(Photo credit: @sofistafunktheskirtco)

Skirts on the website start at around $90 in the SoFun collection and up to $280 in the more formal The Gathering collection. Custom designs start with a consultation with Arlinda:  she will work with each client to create something personalized. 

Being born and raised in New Jersey, Arlinda enjoys frequenting local businesses. She said that she loves to eat and some of her favorite Montclair spots are LuLu’s Artisanal Café, Tacoria, Java Love, Montclair House Grill, White Rabbit Black Heart, Devine Plantery—”a girl must have her greens,” says Arlinda.

To learn more about Sofistafunk and to purchase a skirt, click here

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