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by Martin Halo

You’re here because you’ve been featured on TheMontclairGirl.com in an editorial article! As the #1 lifestyle website in the Essex County + North Jersey area, we’re proud to feature your business to our audience of over a million people looking for local happenings in and around North Jersey including news, events, interviews, lifestyle topics and more.

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How To Add The Award To Your Website (this should only take a few minutes):

Step 1: Copy the code to the right of the award badge by selecting all, and then simply paste the award code into the code of your website or blog post’s html side. (Ask your web developer to help if needed, or reach out to us directly and we can connect you with ours. Email: [email protected])

Step 2: That’s it, you’re done!

How to Add the Award to Your Social Media:

If you’d like this image to use on your social, please email us and we can share the file directly: [email protected].

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