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How to Celebrate Scorpio Season in Montclair, According to an Astrologer

by CrystalB
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In a new series with New Jersey astrologer Crystal B., we’re delving into each astrology season and how to tie in what’s in the cosmos locally. Stay tuned for this monthly series on The Montclair Girl. Without further ado, here’s Crystal with your Scorpio season astrology forecast.

A new vibe is in the air as we head into November — and it’s Scorpio season. It’s time to begin wrapping up 2021 in a completely new kind of way. The desire to be out and about, not chained to our computers, is stronger than ever. Many of us simply don’t want to talk to a screen anymore. As we approach the colder months, finding new, cozy sources of connection and inspiration are calling. 

The Ivy at Chatham

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Change is all around and we’re all looking at the world differently, as we slowly and safely emerge out of confinement. Astrology and the influence of the planets on our lives can give us a little guidance into where to direct our pointers next. Whether you know a little something or a lot or nothing about your sign and cosmic composition, it’s fun and insightful to tap into the influences of the skies. At the very least it will give you something to talk about: these days more people are talking about their stars. Astrology is becoming a relatable and personal tool for self-care.

This year, the season of Scorpio begins on October 22 and extends through November 21, 2021. All those born under this dark, mysterious, and very misunderstood sign will be celebrating their birthdays, so don’t forget to send them a love note! That being said, we all can tap into the benefits of this transformative sign by knowing a little more about it. You never know, you might even have a few planets in Scorpio yourself. When it comes to your true astrology there are many influences that make us who we really are. 

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Scorpio is often misunderstood: it’s got a rare form of hocus pocus that can enchant in a good way — the magic behind Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s wand. If anyone can change a pumpkin into a carriage or a girl torn in rags into a princess,  it’s Scorpio. Out of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that can transform, regenerate and change from one existence to the other. In many ways, this has been going on for each of us in our own personal way. 

And there’s a lot of transformation and change in our local area too. While the pandemic has sadly forced out some beloved local businesses, new signs of hope have begun popping up. As Scorpio knows best, all things that die need to come back to life in a completely new kind of way. Scorpio is the catalyst that pushes us to rise back up from every fall we must take. 

The old is looking to be reinvented and new things are looking to bloom…

A whole new playing field is coming into existence. New light is beginning to shine and as you make your way into this time of year you might want to check out some of these Scorpio-connected. pastimes 

Alchemy Scent Bar | 30 Church Street, Montclair


(Photo credit: @alchemy.scentbar)

Whip up your own kind of potion in this new, delicious, and positive candle bar specializing in making your own custom scent. Owner, Deanna Critchley, is a Libra but has her Venus (the planet of love and beauty) in Scorpio. Anyone can walk into this beautiful space and feel rejuvenated and transformed in a completely new kind of way. Finding your own special scent combination, which is possible here, helps connect you to positive feelings and emotions. 

Integrative Healing Montclair | 325 Claremont Avenue, Montclair

integrative healing montclair

(Photo credit: @integrativehealingmontclair)

This is a new center devoted to transformation and healing through a variety of different modalities including functional medicine, reiki, PEMF therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), and ART (Allergy Release Technique). Clients learn and adopt key tenets of wellness to achieve a higher state of well-being. Cofounders, Elizabeth Stults (Venus in Scorpio), Nicole Strope (Sun and Venus in Scorpio) and Nicole Masso (Sun and Moon in Scorpio) have created a transformative space of healing for the whole person. Their vision is to care for the whole person, creating a unique path of transformative modalities. Both Elizabeth Stults and Nicole Strope are psychotherapists, a Scorpio mastery. Some of the best therapists are known for having Scorpionic traits. 

Goddess in Eden | 282 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona

goddess in eden verona

(Photo credit: @goddessinedennj)

This store was voted #1 NJ Spiritual Shop in the USA dedicated to crystals, spiritual jewelry, ritual essentials, tarot and healing sessions plus so much more. The selection of crystals here is out of this world. Just walking into this space alone is transformative. Owner Robin Mansfield, with a Mars in Scorpio, is a wealth of knowledge in all things relating to crystals and metaphysical knowledge. She and her staff, including Sal Navarro (a true wizard in all things spiritual and transformative), help others find a totally out-of-this-world kind of transformation. Robin is also a medium, connecting and channeling to those long gone. Scorpio energy connects to the dead and those we’ve lost on the other side. It’s the perfect season to reconnect. It is known that the veil to the other side is thinnest during Scorpio season.

Celestina Ando Photography | 7 Park Street, Montclair

(Photo credit: @celestinaando)

Scorpio is known for its transformative powers of beauty. The time may be called to promote a “new you” and fresh look, in a safe and comfortable setting. Celestina, with her Venus in Scorpio, is known for amazing and beautifully taken portraits that empower and beautify all!

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Salt Float Center | 149 Valley Road, Montclair

Salt Float Center

(Photo credit: @saltfloatcenter)

Being a water sign, Scorpio energy calls us to the water. Experience a massage for the body and mind with a float in order to connect to the season’s power of renewal and rejuvenation.

Helpful Tips for Scorpio Season

  1. Scorpio is a sign that connects to feelings and the emotional realm. It feels passion strongest and is deeply driven to find emotional satisfaction. Experiment with new ways to get to the heart of your matter. 
  2. Scorpio isn’t about the “frills.” It’s about the heart and guts that are beneath the façade. A new kind of passion may surround you. Cut through all the fluff of stuff and do something more meaningful or experiential vs. buying something with no meaning connected to it. 
  3. Do something totally different in order to rejuvenate yourself. There’s a new flavor calling all of us to experiment with doing something new.
  4. Know that it’s OK to go inward. Scorpio is a sign that prefers a cozy and intimate setting, vs. something large and showy. Find a comfortable place, either inside or out, that allows you to find a little piece of serenity. 

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