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New Scent Shop in Montclair, Alchemy, Hosts Grand Opening

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Scent enthusiasts will be happy to learn that a new shop specializing in candles, perfume, and other body products has opened in downtown Montclair on Church Street. The shop, Alchemy, offers more than off-the-shelf products – the team offers an interactive experience for customers that will set it apart from the average lifestyle boutique. September 9th is the store’s grand opening, and in honor, all customers will receive 10% off their purchases.  Read on to learn what we know about the new shop, Alchemy, in Montclair.


(Photo credit: @alchemy.scentbar)

Deanna Critchley is the founder and a Montclair resident. “I love being a part of the community where I will have my business. I have countless memories of being a patron of the businesses on Church Street since my kids, now in 10th and 11th grades, were babies. I am thrilled to now be a part of the vibrant and diverse Church Street community,” she told Montclair Girl.

If the name of the shop is any indication, Alchemy aims to be a go-to for customers who want to create something of their own.

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Shoppers can expect a chic, welcoming, and fun atmosphere, according to Deanna. “When they arrive at the store they will be met by one of our Alchemists who will give them a clipboard and set them free to explore the scent wall which contains more than 100 different fragrances. Customers will jot down their favorites on their clipboards, she explains.

“The second step will be to decide what products they would like to create. We will have many different candle vessels as well as aromatic mists for room, linen, or body; reed diffusers, hand soap, and hand sanitizer. Once the customer picks their vessel, they will then take a seat at our scent bar where they will be given their fragrance oils and they will literally create a one-of-a-kind scent, with the help and guidance of one of our Alchemists.”

alchemy montclair

(Photo credit: @alchemy.scentbar)

Customers will add their fragrances, create a name and label for their scent, and end up with an item that is truly custom. If a customer doesn’t have time to do the custom scent process, premade candles, gift sets, and other retail items are available.

The shop will also be doing B-to-B and wholesale for local businesses. “We can create custom scents for businesses with their own labels and vessels. In addition, our products make for unique, one-of-a-kind wedding or party favors. We can ‘scent your event’ with your own custom-designed scent and your friends and family can leave with a candle or product that will bring memories of the event long after it is over,” Deanna explains.

alchemy montclair

(Photo credit: @alchemy.scentbar)

Possibly the most exciting part, Alchemy is available for private parties upon request. Look out for the mobile Alchemy Scent Bar: ff you can’t go to the shop, the shop can come to you.

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“I think people will love Alchemy Scent Bar because it’s unique, fun, and is about creating memories and not just shopping. All genders and ages will love it – there are scents for everybody in our shop,” says Deanna.

“Scents trigger vivid memories and we all know how a scent can instantly bring us back to a moment in our lives or a fond memory. Pleasant scents also lift our moods and make us feel good. We hope to bring this positive and uplifting energy to the already vibrant Church Street and Montclair community.”

The shop is located just steps away from neighborhood staple, Raymond’s, and the new home decor/clothing boutique that recently opened, & son.

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