Montclair’s Ray’s Luncheonette Wins $40,000 Grant

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Ray’s Luncheonette has been announced as one of the winners of a nationwide $40,000 grant by American Express. The grant that is given is for small restaurants that have a historical and cultural impact, to assist them from the effects COVID-19 left. 

Ray's Luncheonette

“When my former colleagues at Amex announced this program, I immediately reached out to my colleague David Cummings, who has a deep understanding of the history of this town, to help me identify a restaurant in Montclair for this award,” Yacobellis said in a statement. 

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Ray’s Luncheonette was seen as a good fit for the grant.

“After reviewing the criteria, he suggested a few places including Ray’s Luncheonette. I then went to my former running mate, James Cotter, who I knew had a longstanding relationship with the owners to see if he would discuss and feel out if they were interested in applying. Once we confirmed they were, James worked with Ray’s and I worked with Amex to help give Ray’s strong consideration.” 

To learn more about the program click here.

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