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A Guide to Playgrounds in the Montclair Area

by The Montclair Girl Team
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There’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than to be outdoors with your loved ones — and in the Montclair area, there are a ton of parks and playgrounds that are perfect for that. To help find some good-weather destinations, below is a roundup of some of the best playgrounds in and around the Montclair, NJ area — including what you will find at each.

Brookdale Park | 473 Watchung Avenue, Bloomfield

Brookdale Park

The entire Brookdale Park is 121 acres, and the playground certainly feels to scale. With big kid swings, baby swings, and separate play areas for different size kids, this playground has something for the whole family. There is also a tall climbing rope net, a merry-go-round, and so much more.

The Ivy at Chatham

Edgemont Memorial Park | Valley Road, Montclair

Edgemont Memorial Park

Edgemont Memorial Park is beautiful in itself, with a large pond and walking paths. Across the street from Edgemont Elementary School, this park hosts a beautiful ironwork entrance into the playground. There are both big kid swings and baby swings, a climbing rope net, and two separate play gyms for different size kids.

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Essex Park | 41 Chestnut Street, Montclair

Essex Park

The Essex Park playground is situated right next to Clary Anderson Arena, with a parking lot around the back. This playground is on the smaller side, but still houses 4 swings {a mix of big kid and baby}, two slides, and some climbing areas. 

Glenfield Park | 33 Woodland Avenue, Montclair

Glenfield Park

This tree-house-themed playground is a colorful, large playground with many different areas for kids to play. There are two separate, sizeable jungle gyms, swings, and a musical-themed area. It also has a very long enclosed tube slide coming down from what can only be described as a giant, plastic treehouse.

Robert J O’Toole Community Center | 199 Fairview Avenue, Cedar Grove

This barn-themed park gets crowded on beautiful days for good reason. Behind the community center, just next to the bocce ball courts, houses this elaborate playground with big kid and baby swings, two separate jungle gyms, and a ceramic cow to complete the barn theme.

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Tuers Park | Upper Montclair

Tuers Park

Reopened in 2020 after renovations, Tuers Park flaunts its new red and green theme. While a little harder to find on the map, once you’re there it’s a tiny oasis in the middle of a neighborhood. With plenty of slides, swings, and areas to climb, it also is situated right next to a baseball diamond.

Verona Park | Porcello Lane, Verona

Verona Park

A little outside of Montclair, it’s worth the short trip down Bloomfield for this playground. With 10 swings, a long tube slide, and rock climbing balls, this colorful playground is fun for all ages. It also has a hill with a slide and more rock climbing and two separate jungle gyms.

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