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Luxury Gift Box Company Based in NJ Makes Gift Giving a Breeze

by Lauren Wilson-Policke
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The holiday season is approaching and if you’re like us, you are always on the hunt for that perfect and personalized gift to give. Celebrating together this holiday season may still be a challenge for many, but you can still find ways to make your loved ones feel special no matter where they are located. Enter Livingston, New Jersey-based curated gift box company, Party n’Box. Launched by luxury celebrity party planner Shelli Stelmak during the pandemic, Party n’Box brings the party to you with an over-the-top unboxing experience. Using high-end, personalized, and themed items, Party ‘nBox streamlines the party planning process and literally brings a complete celebration to each guest’s front door. Read on to learn more about Shelli and this personalized gift-giving experience.

Party n’Box Shelli Stelmak

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The Ivy at Chatham

MG: Shelli, how did you get started in the party planning business?

SS: As a child, I was obsessed with fashion and art. My passion for fashion had me following the top fashion designers for as long as I can remember. In doing so, I had become everyone’s “go-to” person for advice on fashion, style, decor, and elegance.

I originally started my career in property and asset management. This required an eye for detail and maintaining a certain level of elegance. I met many high-profile contacts, discerning property owners, and celebrities who would ask me for help with style and event planning. It was not long after that the celebrities nicknamed me “Queen of Exquisite Style”.

For many years I planned many events for free, as I loved it so much. At one particular event, the owner of Crystal Plaza, Alan Janoff, said, “Shelli, you are one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, you need to do this full-time!” I never believed I could actually get paid to do what I REALLY loved. It took Alan to tell me this to realize I could make a living out of it. I started charging for planning events and created my company Your Party, Planned!

Party n’Box Shelli Stelmak

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MG: It is no surprise that celebrations were put on pause during the pandemic, how did you come up with the idea to pivot your business strategy and launch Party ‘nBox?

SS: When COVID-19 paralyzed the country and people could not celebrate together in person, my clients begged me to figure out a way to continue the celebrations. I wanted to create a feeling of togetherness for my clients. I started putting together boxes filled with all the things that were needed for their custom-tailored parties. I created personal logos, styles, and themes specific to each client and shipped them out to their guests.

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Through the Party ‘nBox parties, everyone felt as though they were at an event that was hosted on Zoom. Some of the parties I created included DJs and people would dance in their homes. I created spa parties, baking parties, murder mystery parties, wine pairing, and cheese parties hosted by famous chefs. There were Jeopardy and trivia parties, and the list of different events went on and on. At the time, I kept getting requests for individual boxes. That was a difficult task as everything was tailor-made for the desires of the particular host. However, the requests kept pouring in. My team and I streamlined the event boxes, so they were cost-effective and made to be shipped out in only a few days, as needed.

Party n’Box Shelli Stelmak

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MG: What makes Party ‘nBox so unique? How does it work?

SS: Party ‘nBox makes my flair for the upscale event available to all. Using high-end, personalized, and themed items, Party ‘nBox literally brings a complete celebration to each guest’s doorstep. Not only do we have our permanent box collections that can be used for any occasion, but we also make custom boxes. The permanent boxes, like the Timeless Luxury birthday boxes, are great for all ages and all genders. For the custom boxes, we have had customers ask us for boxes themed on going to college, favorite Broadway shows, children’s birthdays, and corporate gifting. Even realtors and their companies have requested them for their clients who have purchased new homes.

Our bestsellers are the Designer Inspired boxes, which are infused with my love for fashion. of those boxes include a fashion item, from the specific fashion house, in addition to the party items. They are limited editions and we are launching a Chanel-inspired box soon. I am so excited about it! It will be great for your fashionista friend or relative for this holiday season.

Party-n’Box-Shelli Stelmak

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MG: Tells us more about some of the over-the-top unboxings gift recipients can expect when they receive their Party ‘nBox delivery.

SS: Our bestsellers are the Luxury Level Designer Inspired boxes. In general, each Luxury Level Party ‘nBox includes (at a minimum): fondant cake, luxury candles, imported French sparkling cider, designer Michael Aram luxury cake server, classic glass champagne flutes, designer cake plate, cutlery, and helium balloons with a weight so they don’t fly away. The shipping box is big enough that a child was able to hide inside (without fear of enclosure) and surprise her father! Party ‘nBox boxes are also customizable with kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and vegan selections. All cakes are vanilla with chocolate ganache filling. A portion of our proceeds goes to nonprofit Rock Our Vets.

Party n’Box Shelli Stelmak

(Photo credit: @party.nbox)

MG: How has the pandemic changed the way you plan in-person parties?

SS: I have started to plan more in-person parties and lately the trend is scaled-down experiences. Guest lists are smaller with slightly smaller budgets. People are conscious of keeping the size of their event more intimate to be COVID-safe while also going BIG on aesthetics to really celebrate making it through the pandemic. We make sure to include personalized hand sanitizers and coordinating face masks. The ambiance people want is a cohesive and elegant look, from napkins to water bottles and menu cards. A few over-the-top trends are decor hanging from ceilings and fully decorated walls. Fashion and event planning go hand in-hand, so as we get into winter 2021-2022 there will be more sparkle, fur, and textured accents with whites, creams, and gold. On the spot, COVID tests and requested proof of vaccination are being required.

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MG: What’s next for Party ‘nBox?

SS: We have many new boxes coming in the near future including holiday-themed boxes, baby showers, and gender reveal boxes, and custom corporate gift boxes. In 2022, we will launch boxes for your luxury pet, Pawty ‘nBox.

To stay in the know about the latest news and boxes follow along on Instagram at @party.nbox and @shelli_stelmak or visit the Party ‘nBox website.

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