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Chris + Angie’s Dinette: The Newest Spot in Nutley’s Diner Scene

by Christina Mastroeni
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The diner — it’s a Jersey thing. New Jersey has been known to hold some of the best diners. Whether grabbing a late bite to eat after dancing all night at the club, meeting a friend for lunch, or having a late breakfast after church on a Sunday with the family, diners have always been a staple in this area. They provide what many other restaurants don’t: a fairly large menu holding all day (and night) breakfast, daily specials, and other options for lunch, dinner, and snacks (see: Disco Fries). Let’s not forget that most diners also have some of the best coffee. A new diner has opened its doors in Nutley at 545 Franklin Avenue called Chris + Angie’s Dinette. Keep reading for more information about this new dinette in Nutley, NJ.

About the Owner

Katerina Simeonidis, owner of Chris + Angie’s Dinette, isn’t new to the restaurant industry. In addition to growing up with parents owning a diner in Montclair, she also owns a gyro spot in Rutherford, NJ (Greek Town Gyros). What is now Green Town Gyros was a restaurant looking to sell its space during the pandemic. Katerina jumped on the opportunity. The pandemic ended up impacting her business in positive ways. “I feel like people never stopped eating,” she recalls as she discussed the restaurants opening in 2021. When Katerina looks back she says “It was life-changing.” She says that while Greek Town Gyros is now in its fourth year of business, its opening was a career highlight. The other highlight is Chris + Angie’s Dinette.

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For those wondering who Chris + Angie are, they’re Katerina’s parents. She named the dinette after them as they have been one of her biggest sources of inspiration. Katerina said, “Without my parents [Chris + Angie] none of this would be possible which is why I named the place after them.” It was from their love, livelihood, and 20 + years of diner/restaurant experience that Katerina gained inspiration and support. That and her mother’s watchful eye. “We stumbled upon this place,” Katerina says. Her mother was in the neighborhood and saw the space that would eventually become the Chris + Angie Dinette.

With her knowledge plus the support of her family, Katerina opened Chris + Angie’s Dinette in Nutley. The goals for Chris + Angie’s this year are “to get this place really rolling and have it live up to its potential.” Katerina hopes for the dinette to be a new hometown spot, and she’s putting in the effort. A regular day has Katerina waking up around 7AM, while family helps get the restaurant prepped for the day. She kisses her baby, assists with kitchen prep, and works in the dinette all day long.

When asked what makes Chris + Angie’s Dinette so special, Katerina mentioned her parent’s support and experience, and her father’s amazing chef skills. Not only do they help with the business, but they also frequent and treat the place as their own dinette. Part of Katerina’s vision is for patrons to follow in her parent’s footsteps by treating the place as their own dinette too. It’s a place that always has something on the menu patrons can look forward to eating at a fair price while sitting in the pretty red booths (one of Katerina’s favorite features in the space).



Aside from her parents, Katerina looks locally for inspiration too. “Elliot Mosby from the Montclair Diner (on Valley Road), Renee Faris from Erie Bakery in Rutherford, and Chef Antonio De Leso and his wife Brenda from Fiorentini Restaurant in Rutherford are all people I look up to as business owners in the industry.”

The Space

When entering the dinette, customers will see a host table to the left. The right side upon entry has smaller tables. Against the right wall are those classic, ever-comfortable red diner booths. Walking farther into the space patrons can see more small tables for 2-4 people.  Toward the left side stands a large bar that seats about 8-12 customers. The bar itself is an eye-catching furnishing in the space. The bar has a sleek, modern countertop that is paired with vintage-looking silver stools with red fabric to match the red booths.

The space is well lit with warm lighting and some natural lighting from the big windows in the front of the dinette. There are also mirrors along the wall with the booths which also give the room a larger and brighter ambiance.

Menu Items

The Menu at Chris + Angie’s consists of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Aside from food, it has a variety of coffee options like espresso, chai latte, caramel macchiato, and more. There’s also a kid’s menu available with options like Silver Dollar Pancakes, Mac + Cheese, and a Mini Gyro.

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For breakfast try the Panettone French Toast (top it with blueberries, bananas, + whipped cream) or the Chili + Eggs (two eggs, chili, sausage, avocado, + home fries). If looking to grab lunch try the Proscuitto Sandwich (served with arugula + red peppers on sourdough bread) or the Breaded Buffalo Chicken Wrap. If stopping by for dinner, order the Sesame Seared Salmon or the BBQ Bacon Burger. Finish the meal with cheesecake, rice pudding, or one of the ice cream shakes.

Chris and Angie’s Dinette is open Tuesday through Thursday from 7AM to 8PM; Friday and Saturday 7AM to 9PM; and on Sundays from 7AM to 3PM.

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