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New Pizzeria ‘Mosoria’ Opens in Montclair

by Olivia Rizzo
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Montclair’s South End has a new takeout spot for locals to enjoy when they are craving a slice of pizza. Read on to learn more about this new pizzeria opening in the Montclair neighborhood on Orange Road.

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Mosoria, owned by Zina Floyd and her husband Michael of Cafe Moso, is a takeout-only restaurant focused on providing a family-friendly environment for its customers. It is located just a block away from their first restaurant at 322 Orange Road.

Although many restaurants have been struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cafe Moso has been able to thrive, according to Floyd. “I think the community wanted us here, which spoke volumes in terms of the reason why we came,” Floyd said.

Cafe Moso had been open for about ten months when the pandemic shuttered many businesses. But the restaurant has been able to succeed because of the community’s support, according to Floyd.

The Ivy at Chatham


After Amore Pizza closed in December 2020, Floyd said she was approached by the building owner and was asked if she had any leads on anyone who would be interested in taking over the restaurant. Floyd said after talking with head chef David Ilmojahad, they decided to take over the space themselves.

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Ilmojahad describes the menu as “elevated Italian comfort food.” Mosoria’s menu boasts a selection of personal and large pizza ranging from classic pepperoni to a potato and bacon pie with caramelized onion and ricotta cheese.

“Before this, I never knew how serious people are about pizza,” Floyd said. Their soft opening had customers lining up down the street to try the new pizza options.


Mosoria will also have takeout options of some popular dishes from Cafe Moso, including their crab cakes and Goffel Farm’s chicken wings. They will also serve a variety of pasta dishes and sandwiches as well as classic dishes like musscles.

The restaurant’s open kitchen allows Ilmojahad to get creative and interact with customers on a more regular basis. “It is easy and fun and a completely different culture of restaurant,” he said.

Ilmojahad said he has been enjoying the new restaurant’s high energy and having the opportunity to customize his food to the customers’ taste a bit more than in a traditional restaurant setting.

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“The usual experience for a chef to have is a one off interaction,” Ilmojahad said, “but here  I can literally talk to the people and be like you said you really like roasted peppers as I’m making your salad I’ll add a couple of peppers on there. I’m not here to educate anybody. I’m just here to give good food.”


Although the restaurant will be takeout only, there are plans to open a rustic Italian-inspired garden next door, according to Floyd. “We want to be a destination experience,” she said. “We want you to stay and enjoy the community.”

Floyd plans for the garden space to serve as a family-friendly spot where locals can enjoy a slice of pizza, or relaxing with ice cream, or a specialty drink.

“With everything we do we try to create a camaraderie in the community,” she said. “Most of the time when you get takeout, you come in, get your food and get in your car and leave. We want them to stay in town and enjoy what we have here,” Floyd said.

She hopes that the outdoor space will become a place where people will come to enjoy the South End of Montclair.

Mosoria’s grand opening is on April 1. They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, you can follow them on Instagram @mosoria_pizza.

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