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Montclair NJ Election 2024: Results for Mayor + Council

by Jennifer Tripucka
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May 14th, 2024 in Montclair was the day that Montclair voted on a mayoral candidate and council candidates. Montclair residents went to the polls and voted on several candidates of the town that will be pivotal in the next few years. Now that everyone has gone out to the polls and voted, it’s time to tally the votes and announce winners. This year, locals in Essex County voted for candidates for Mayor and council seats in Montclair. We’re covering the election results as they’re announced and coming in — for Montclair, New Jersey. Read on to see the 2024 Montclair NJ Election 2024 results.

Please note: We are updating this article as results come in. You can see the latest Essex County election results here

The Ivy at Chatham

The Results

These are the unofficial winners as of 10:30AM on Wednesday, May 15th. What’s being reported but has not been certified yet, and we will update this piece when the results do become certified.


Renée E. Baskerville

Councilmembers At-Large

Susan Shin Anderson

Carmel Loughman

Ward 1 Council Member

Erik D’Amato

Ward 2 Council Member

Eileen Birmingham

Ward 3 Council Member

Rahum Williams

Ward 4 Council Member

Aminah Toler

Click here to view all up-to-the-minute election results for Montclair, New Jersey, and Essex County.

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