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And The Winner of the 2024 Montclair Girl Puppy Bowl Is…

by The Montclair Girl Team
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It’s been a long weekend of voting and while it is always a tough decision choosing between all of the adorable pups in Montclair, our 3rd annual MG Puppy Bowl Contest 2024 finally has a winner. Scroll down for the big reveal…



Over the last weekend, the Top 9 Finalists were voted on, and the people and pups have spoken. 

Bella shared with us:

The Ivy at Chatham

“My name is Bella and I’m a 5 years old (almost 6) rescue. My DNA test came back a mix of a few breeds, but mostly chow chow/shepherd — I have the spots on my tongue to prove it! I love my balls, any babies with silly squeaks, and giving kisses — especially ears — I love licking ears! I can play in the yard for hours running, kicking/tossing my balls around, digging holes (my mom doesn’t like that), or just sunbathing no matter the season. I am always excited for weekend walks with mom and her boyfriend, so that I can get out my energy and enjoy all the sniffs and I love pool dad’s at my meema’s house. It’s also important to know, I’ve been told I have a great wiggle butt and what looks like perfect eyeliner on my pretty eyes!”

Here’s what Bella will get to enjoy with her winnings:

The Prizes

Pamper Your Pet | 133 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona

IG Handle: @pamper_your_pet

Giveaway Gift + Value: $50 gift certificate

L&B Healthy Pet Markets | 15 South Fullerton Avenue,  Montclair

IG Handle: @lbhealthypetmarkets

Giveaway Gift + Value: $150 gift certificate

Email  to claim your Puppy Bowl prizes!

The Other 2024 Finalists

Zucco, the King Charles Cavalier


Zucco shared with us:

“At just 5 months old, my mom and I decided to throw our hat… well, my leash, into the ring for the Puppy Bowl photo contest. The goal? To showcase my undeniable charm, without letting it go to my furry head, of course.” Zucco’s owner also shared that he loves playing ball on Walnut Street and hanging out in the courtyard at Just Jake’s.

Mabel, the Bernese Mountain Dog

IG: @maybeits_mabelleigh


Mabel’s owner shared with us that her favorite things include:

“Activities: Brookdale Dog Park, hiking at the Eagle Rock Reservation, playing with her soccer ball, exploring Montclair with her paw-rents, and playing with her soccer ball. Favorite treats: PB spoons, the healthy pup cups from La Fontaine, and frozen blueberries!”

Stubs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Stubs’ owner shared with us:

“Stubs is still a baby, so he’s been loving chewing on everything he can get ahold of — his favorite things to chew are bully sticks, ice, and anything that has chicken. Besides that, he enjoys showing off his strength, speed, and brains via playing tug of war or fetch and learning new commands. He’s currently learning ‘mano po,’ a gesture of respect in the Filipino culture!”

Chelsea, the Black Lab Mix


Chelsea’s owner shared with us:

“Chelsea aka Cheezit was dumped in the woods in Alabama when she was 1 year old and pregnant. A very kind man would drive past a particular wooded area known for pet dumping (how horrible) on his way home from work. He tried for weeks to rescue her and gain her trust, etting out a trail of Cheez-Its weekly to lure her to his truck. After a few weeks, she finally came up to him and into his car. He named her Cheez-It (we renamed her Chelsea) and lived on his farm with 5 other dogs as a foster until I saw her on a Petfinder rescue site and the rest is history. We went through multiple trainers and a lot of long days and nights to finally get Chelsea and ourselves to understand her personality and how to blend it with our family. The first week we had adopted her we had a very scary experience where I panicked because we could not find her in the house. Finally, I heard her in the laundry room — she was just sitting in the dryer. Chelsea (now 7 years old) has grown into a very loving, high-energy, crazy dog who is very smart and loves to steal anything available and put it in her dog sofa — socks, boxes, shoes, handbags, books — anything she can find. One of her cutest traits is that she must hold your hand while you’re watching TV. We are lucky she rescued us and love her unconditionally!”

Scarlett Zimet, the Hound Mix


Scarlett’s owner shared with us:

“Meet Scarlett — a three-year-old hound mix who lives in Glen Ridge with her adoring parents and two sisters. She looks innocent, but she’s been known to steal a New York Strip steak from the counter and devour it in three bites. Her favorite pastimes are sleeping in, long walks in Eagle Rock Reservation, and stealing running socks. Scarlett struggles with anxiety and can be overly barky, but she’s committed to a life of self-care and self-improvement.”

Indiana (Indy) Jones, the Golden Retriever


Indy’s owner shared with us that he: 

“Indy joined our menagerie during the holidays and while the cats have taken a while to warm up to him, we all adore his playful and loving demeanor.” Indy’s owner also shared that he loves hugs and chewing leaves.

Elle, the Black Lab + Blue Heeler


Elle’s owner shared with us:

“Elle is a 1-year-old black lab/blue heeler princess (whose alter ego is a dinosaur). She loves to cuddle on the couch and has not met a bone she cannot destroy. She also loves to run around with her friends at Brookdale Dog Park and Pups at Play, always trying to be the fastest. She is so happy her parents brought her to live in Montclair!”

Oliver, the Cavapoo


Oliver’s owner shared with us:

“This is Oliver, aka “Sweetness” due to his warm and loving personality. His favorite activity is strutting down Church Street on a mission to spread joy one tail wag at a time. His goofy charisma has earned him the title of neighborhood heartthrob. At home, this fluffy connoisseur of coziness is always looking out for the softest of blankets, cushions, and pillows for nap time. And can be seen frequently rolling over for belly rubs. He’s a fluffy bundle of love and joy. If you see him cruising the streets, don’t hesitate to give him a pat on the head and a belly rub, it’ll make his day.”

Thanks again to all who entered and donated to PAWS Montclair — and stay tuned for some potential additional pup features because we just love them all!

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