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Montclair Bread Company Rebrands as Rabble Rise Doughnuts

by Sarah Boyle
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Montclair Bread Company is undergoing a major makeover. Starting May 4th, the Montclair-born company will be saying goodbye to bread and turning instead to doughnuts. This shift includes a new name — Rabble Rise Doughnuts — as well as a new brand identity, website, store makeover, and redefined business strategy. Here’s what we know about Montclair Bread Company’s transformation into Rabble Rise Doughnuts, which has locations in both Montclair, NJ and New Paltz, NY.

The Bread History 

The Montclair Bread Company has been open since 2012. Owner and Chief Doughnut Officer Rachel Wyman had initially wanted to focus on bread, though the slow Sunday mornings soon proved that bread-baking wasn’t capturing the attention of Montclair residents. When Rachel and a colleague started playing around with doughnuts on one slow Sunday, they sold out almost instantly. From there, the shop became known for its masterful doughnuts, which launched Rachel’s idea to fully lean into this new path. The pandemic solidified this realization. 

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The Ivy at Chatham

(Photo credits: Rabble Rise Doughnuts)

“I’ve baked bread, innovated with bread, and developed bread recipes for most of my career  — and indeed life,” Rachel said. “But the pandemic gave me time to reflect. And I realized that my heart had been stolen by doughnuts. They allow me to flex my creativity, innovate, scale up and expand.” 

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Transformation to Rabble Rise

Rabble Rise, the new identity of Montclair Bread Company, is a retail and wholesale doughnut bakery, event space, and caterer. Though Rabble Rise is taking over only Montclair Bread Company and its sister company in New Paltz for now, Rachel is hoping to expand to more locations in the future. The menu will be replicated across both locations with a conveniently streamlined and user-friendly online ordering system.

“I love my Montclair and New Paltz communities,” Rachel said. “I love playing a role in bringing people together, being a small but energetic catalyst for fun, boundary pushing, baking, fitness. To me, doughnuts are mini connectors, little party animals, door openers and heart melters. I realized that all my tomorrows lay in the lap of doughnuts!”


(Photo credits: Rabble Rise Doughnuts)

What to Expect

This transformation comes with some exciting new things on the horizon for Rachel, according to a press release shared with The Montclair Girl. 

Fans of Montclair Bread Company can look forward to Rabble Rise’s streamlined online ordering, indoor and outdoor seating at both locations, DIY ‘Naked Doughnut Kits’ for nationwide shipping, and more.

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The store will also sell local and doughnut-inspired merchandise and will even host and cater events. 

The Rabble Rise Montclair team will be hosting a Rabble Riot launch party on Saturday, May 21st from 12.00PM to 2.00PM to celebrate its new identity with the Montclair community. 

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