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Montclair’s Mochinut Expands to Princeton

by Diana Cooper
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Mochinut, a popular dessert shop in Montclair, is expanding across New Jersey. The same owners of the Montclair and Summit locations recently opened their Princeton location at 140 Nassau Street. Mochinut, the “more than just a donut,” doughnut, is a mix of mochi – Japanese rice cakes – and, well, a doughnut. What attracts a lot of customers, apart from the sweet taste, is all the different types of flavors. Read on for more info about Mochinut’s new location in Princeton, NJ.

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The Ivy at Chatham

Mochinut Spreads Love

Mochinut opened in Princeton at 140 Nassau Street, in January 2023. The franchise shares the same owner as the Summit location at 427B Springfield Ave and the Montclair location at 349 Bloomfield Ave. However, Mochinut can be found all over the country. Its 136th location opened at the end of February in Voorhees, NJ.

Princeton is a very daytime-specific market and also has a very family and community-orientated demographic, which matches well for Mochinut,” a spokesperson for Mochinut Princeton told The Montclair Girl when asked about expanding to the Princeton University town.

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The Montclair location is also somewhat new. It opened in 2021. The owners also felt Mochinut would be right at home on Bloomfield Ave. 

(Photo credit: MochinutMHG Facebook)

The spokesperson shared: “Montclair is a great food-centric town that offers a lot of various dining options. Mochinut offers the community a quick sweet treat that they can either sit down and enjoy or take with them while they explore the shops, restaurants, and everything else Montclair has to offer.”

About the Menu

Mochinut originated in Hawaii. Per the website, “the exquisite crisp exterior + soft, chewy interior of Mochinut is the result of the main ingredient – sticky, sweet rice flour.”

The current flavors are plain, matcha, black sesame, Nutella, dark chocolate, Oreo, strawberry pebbles, churro, taro, guava pineapple, Vietnamese coffee, and mango.

(Photo credit: Montclair Hospitality Group/Jeffrey Elkashab)

All the locations have the same flavors, except for Princeton, which has its own unique Princeton Mochinut. It’s called Princeton Tigers and it’s made with white and dark chocolate and chocolate pearls.

To mix things up, the franchise launches campaigns with new flavors that are based on an upcoming holiday or season. Cherry Blossom flavor is launching this month.

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Apart from Mochinuts, the store sells Korean Corn Dogs, which looks like a hot dog. It’s coated in rice flour. For the inside, customers can choose either a spicy sausage, mozzarella, or half sausage and half mozzarella cheese. The batter-dipped sticks are then deep-fried to order and covered with optional toppings – depending on what flavor you’re feeling – such as diced potatoes, crispy ramen, or hot Cheetos.

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To drink, Mochinut serves boba – premium quality milk teas that are smooth, cold, and frothy and have tapioca pearls on the bottom. The current flavors are coffee, ube, thai, matcha, milk tea, and brown sugar. 

Treat Yourself 

Mochinut’s hours of operation can be found on Montclair Hospitality Group’s website. Customers can also place an order via the website and learn more about catering options.

(Photo credit: MochinutMHG Facebook)

Per the national website, the other locations in NJ include Fort Lee, Norwood, Paramus, Tenafly, Cherry Hill, Manalapan, and Lodi. The new locations coming soon are Jersey City, Hoboken, Edison, Palisades Park, Ridgefield, Parsippany, and Nutley. 

Based on early success [of Princeton], the sky’s the limit! Our focus is strategic expansion into desirable locations that will enjoy our Mochinut offerings,” the spokesperson added when asked about expanding. 

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