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Vegan + Gluten-Free Bakery Lexi’s Kitchen Opens in Montclair

by Diana Cooper
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The popular bakery Lexi’s Kitchen has recently announced it will be moving from Westfield to Montclair. After opening the storefront a year ago at 401 West Broad Street, owner Lexi Borr was forced to move locations and will be opening the Montclair storefront on October 27th. Montclair Girl chatted with the founder about what this means for the future of the gluten-free and vegan bakery. Read on to learn more about Lexi’s Kitchen.

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The Ivy at Chatham

A Brief Timeline

Lexi’s Kitchen launched two years ago when Lexi Borr started the business in 2019 right in her mom’s kitchen. From there, she rented out a commercial kitchen space and started introducing her company at the Westfield Farmer’s Market.

In early 2020, the former college tennis player moved Lexi’s Kitchen into the storefront where it has been operating out of for the past year and a half. Fast-forward to August 2021, Borr was told by the person she was sub-leasing the spot from that she has to vacate by October 1st.

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“That put us in a tight timeline. We were enjoying Westfield and I have a big following there. We really wanted to stay but there wasn’t a lot [of open spaces] available,” Borr tells Montclair Girl.

lexis kitchen former location westfield

^ Lexi’s Kitchen’s current location in Westfield

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The search for a new location began immediately and Borr scouted open spaces in Montclair because it’s one of her favorite towns.

“We found the most perfect storefront for us we could’ve imagined and totally fell in love with it. It’s on a nice strip and there’s a fully renovated kitchen there. It’s a pretty seamless move for us,” the Westfield native shares.

Lexi says the goal is to have everything up and running by mid-October. Lexi’s Kitchen will still operate out of its Westfield storefront until the end of September. It will then be closed for a short period of time before officially opening at 324 Orange Road, Montclair.

lexis kitchen blueberry ice cream cake

^ Lexi’s custom vanilla bean blueberry ice cream cake

(Photo Credit: @lexiskitchenco)

The Future of Lexi’s Kitchen

Lexi and her business partner, Shannon Compton, look at the move as a positive change, mainly because of the renovated kitchen area.

“Because we have more space in this kitchen, we’re going to offer coffee which we’re really excited about. In our current space, we don’t offer beverages,” Borr says. “[We plan to add] more savory items like salads, dips. We’re really excited about bringing more lunch food…We’ll have a stove, so we’ll be cooking up a storm in there!”

The vegan, gluten-free, organic bakery has been expanding its menu as the business has grown. Borr mentions the team just started baking gluten-free bread and making homemade crackers. Lexi’s Kitchen also sells its own granola, ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, cookies, scones, macarons, and many other baked goods.

lexi owner lexis kitchen montclair

^ Lexi Borr and Shannon Compton inside the new location

“We only use locally sourced ingredients. We partner with local farms and our menu is always changing for the seasons. It keeps things exciting,” Borr says.

Although Borr, 26, has a background in nutrition and graduated from Boston College, she explains her partner, Compton, 25, graduated from Yale and went to Italy to get her Master’s in Culinary Sustainable Arts.

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“She specializes in food and doing it in a sustainable way using super high-quality ingredients and getting the most out of them,” Borr shares. “We make an awesome team! We’re full of energy and we’re so excited to bring nourishing, wholesome, seasonal desserts and [getting] into more savory stuff too.”

lexis kitchen chocolate chip cookies

(Photo credit: @lexiskitchenco)

Lexi’s Kitchen’s Loyal Fans

Borr and Compton are “super excited” to revamp Lexi’s Kitchen and reopen in the fall. The shop may even begin operating hours earlier in the day since there is a big breakfast crowd and an ever-growing fan base.

“I was really scared to make the announcement [about the move] because I have such a great, loyal following here but it’s been amazing,” she shares. “Of course, there have been some people that are upset about it, but I would say 80-85 percent of people are so pumped. They’re like, ‘Montclair’s a great town.’ I’ve gotten so many emails and messages just thinking that the move is great, and as a customer, they’re excited to go there.”

Follow Lexi’s Kitchen on Instagram here. The official grand opening will be on October 27th.

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