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This New Verona Cafe Feels Like Stepping Into a Fairytale

by Francesca DiPisa
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Even in this digital age of iPads and virtual reality gaming, there is no doubt that almost every little girl still has a dream of attending a real-life fancy tea party or being a princess; even some of us grown women still have that hidden desire. As co-owner Karissa Teixeira puts it plainly, “Who says only kids love princesses?” The wish can now come true like the wave of a fairy godmother’s wand at Verona’s newest small business, La Bella Princess Cafe, at 553 Bloomfield Avenue. Keep reading to discover its fabulous pink decor, magical menu, and fairytale hideaway made for any worthy princess’s party.

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About La Bella Princess Cafe

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Bella Princess is a small business that started with founder Martha Peralta’s vision of providing enchanting children’s entertainment for private parties in 2003. After seven years of traveling to client’s homes for all of its events, Martha moved the business into a small space for ten years before having to sell it due to the pandemic. Daughter Karissa started helping her mom brainstorm, and with her experience being a social media influencer, came up with the idea of having a princess-themed cafe in an area where nothing else similar existed. A space opened up right on the main street (is there a pun here, Disney fans?) of Verona, and La Bella Princess Cafe opened to become its first eatery and party space under one roof.

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The cafe looks plucked straight out of a Pinterest board: a vision of pink accented by faux trees, gray throne-like chairs, and chic pampas centerpieces at every coffee table. As visitors make their way to the counter, gingerbread house-themed mugs are on display to depict the current theme of winter wonderland. Other decorative glassware that perfectly compliments the space include pink mugs with bubble handles as well as shiny white ones that are each served on a cloud-shaped saucer. The pastry case is filled with different kinds of cupcakes, colorful macaroons, its signature carrot cake, and princess-themed treats depending on the time of day. Any girl boss who works remotely and is looking for a trendy cafe to set up her laptop will be remiss to indulge in its “Royal Delight” menu. The “Bippity Boppity Beverages” are fit for any queen or princess, and its made-to-order croffles (a croissant-waffle — it’s okay, MG had to ask what it means, too) and rainbow grilled cheese are just as magical as they sound.

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While the cafe is named for princesses, Martha and Karissa make a point that it is not limiting itself to just royalty or fairytales. “The cafe has a level of sophistication and offers aesthetics for adults, too. Not only are we going to host more tea parties for children and their parents, but we’re looking to have adult nights like candle-making and barista classes soon,” Karissa said. Each month will also have its theme for decorations and additions to the menu– February, of course, being Valentine’s Day. The cafe can be rented out for baby and bridal showers, while the private party room right next door — Bella’s Enchanted Hall — is where up to 20 children can experience becoming a princess with full makeup and wardrobe, even with their favorite princess if one so wishes.

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Photo Credit: Karissa Teixeira

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Every other week, the cafe hosts ticketed events such as character tea parties for up to 45 guests in the early evenings. On weekends, private parties to book either the party room for kid’s celebrations or the cafe itself for bridal and baby showers. La Bella Princess Cafe is open for the public Tuesday through Saturday 9AM – 3PM as well as 9AM – 1PM on Sundays. It is closed on Mondays.

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