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All About Houss Freya: An Upper Montclair Apothecary Shop

by Skye McDonald
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There are so many unique and fun places to shop in the Montclair area — and Houss Freya Apothecary is among these must-visit spots. Houss Freya is an apothecary shop located at 547 Valley Road in Upper Montclair and is exactly what anyone would need to start making space for new intentions. This is the shop for all things energy healing. It sells a variety of crystals, balms, candles, oils, stones, and so much more. There’s no better time than October to visit this spooky apothecary shop, especially will all of the fun Halloween events coming up this month. Read on to learn all about Houss Freya’s owner, Daysi Dedios, and what you can expect at the shop.

About Houss Freya

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Houss Freya is at the tail end of the Upper Montclair shops, past CVS and just across from the post office, but it is not to be missed. As soon as you step into this mystical apothecary, breathe deep and let your senses attune to the space. There is energy here that radiates in everything from the array of gorgeous crystals to the candles which the store’s owner, Daysi Dedios, creates herself. Whether you’re looking to do an energetic cleanse, attune to love, or do some soul healing, Houss Freya has the candles, stones, balms, and oils you need. 

Daysi’s Journey

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The Ivy at Chatham

Daysi started working with crystals and herbs when she moved away from the corporate world and shifted her mindset on life. Instead of focusing on troubles, she used tools of meditation and positive thinking to help her breakthrough past trauma. From there, she began creating candles for various intention-setting meditations based on personal research into herbs and crystals. 

What started as a project for herself quickly grew among her family and friends. Suddenly, it seemed that everyone wanted her energy-infused handmade candles. But Daysi attributes her leap from hobbyist to entrepreneur to her father. He was the one who gave her the supportive push that finally caused her to launch her own candle-making business. “How could I say this was something I’d been wanting, then didn’t try when I got the opportunity?” she said. 

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After a few months of perfecting her candles, Daysi began booking at craft markets. From there, she never looked back: “The response has been huge. A lot of people are in the same boat that I was and still am at times, where you’re just looking for that little bit of extra help. I tell people, use [my candles and oils] as a reminder to keep your thoughts focused on what it is that you’re looking for as a priority in life.”

Daysi specifically creates her candles using slow-burning wax, so that they can last long enough to become a routine for her customers. She guides people to burn them with intention and create a routine as they attract the energetic frequency they’re seeking. Helping people achieve a mental space to help themselves is her goal. 

The Products

Houss Freya

Candles aren’t the only tool you can find at Houss Freya. Daysi has expanded into roll-on oils, aromatherapy room sprays, bath products, and incense. All of her creations are designed to inspire and help people change.

“I love that I can be there for people and help them feel connected, not alone on their journey. It’s a blessing to speak on my experiences and challenges and how I’ve helped myself so people can help themselves,” she said.

First-timers to Houss Freya can build a starter kit for their new routine. Daysi suggests four foundational elements. 

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Begin by finding the right candle to align with your goals. Every time you light it, let it put you in the right state of mind

Add to the candle something that clears energy for your home or for yourself. Smudge spray, especially Sacred Space, is a perfect clearing tool for anyone who’s not fond of burning incense or herbs. But if burning isn’t an issue, try her handmade loose incense. Daysi creates each one to clear space and invite in positive energy. “When you’re starting and trying to put yourself in a mindset, it’s super important to first clear the space of old energy,” she advises.

After you’ve picked your candle and clearing tools, wander through the crystals and select the ones that speak to you. If you’re just getting started, “Selenite is very clearing, but also charges everything around it.”

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Finally, pick a self-care item to round out your starter kit. Bath milk, shower melts, and body scrubs are all available. Or, choose something that you can wear to hold onto your intention throughout the day, such as body oil or roll-on oil. Houss Freya products come in a variety of scents and intentions to suit your personal needs.

Bonus item? Grab something protective while you’re at it. When clearing energy, it’s important to “protect the energy of other influences.” Daysi recommends black tourmaline as a protective stone to create a positive barrier for your new energy.

Monthly Events

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Houss Freya’s community reach extends well beyond its products. Events and activities are always going on, and updates are posted regularly on Instagram. Tarot readers and energetic healing experts come in as guest vendors frequently. Houss Freya also hosts aura photo readings.

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People of all ages are at home in Houss Freya — kids ‘day is an ongoing monthly event where parents and their children can use crystals to open lines of communication together. Daysi hopes that kids’ day can be a bonding experience outside traditional methods for parents and their children. Kids get a free crystal, which Daysi and her staff will discuss and teach them the energetic powers of their chosen stone. Coloring, talks, and parent/child meditation are all part of the regular events. This is designed to help children with anxiety and give them an outlet to express themselves. 

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Other events occur throughout the year with guest vendors and various artists visiting the shop for a day or a weekend. October is when Houss Freya really shines. It hosts Haunted Houss Halloween events, has a witchy coven perfume collection, and so much more. 

Daysi’s message to everyone who walks in: “No matter what is going on in your life, there are ways to positively handle it so you can overcome any obstacle. You have the tools within yourself and sometimes we need a little help. You’ve got this, I’m honored to be here for people as they work on themselves.”

Visit Houss Freya at 547 Valley Road or shop online, and stay up to date by following the shop on Instagram.

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