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Landscapers That Have Electric-Powered Leaf-Blowing Services in Montclair

by Bertha Solis
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The topic of gas-powered leaf blowers has become an important topic of debate here in Montclair. Back in July 2023, a proposal was brought up for discussion by the Montclair Town Council. The proposal talked about a plan to completely ban gas-powered leaf-blowing devices. As a result, the proposal temporarily banned gas-powered leaf blowers from  May 16th through October 14th, these devices have been banned. More recently, a new proposal was approved which altogether banned the use of gas-powered leaf blowers completely starting on October 15th, 2023. With this new change to take place in Montclair, The Montclair Girl has put together a list of landscaping companies that provide electric-powered leaf-blowing services to coordinate with these new town regulations. Read on for a list of where to inquire about electric-powered leaf-blowing services in Montclair and its surrounding North Jersey and Essex County areas.

Note: This is a growing editorial list for informational purposes only. To be added to the list, please email hello@themontclairgirl.com.

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The Ivy at Chatham

A Cut From Above | Montclair + Other Nearby Areas

With origins back to 2015, A Cut From Above has a selection of landscaping + hardscaping services that serves Montclair and other nearby New Jersey areas. To adopt the recent gas-powered leaf blower ban, it has made the shift to incorporating electric-powered leaf blowers. You can contact the company directly at (973)-390-9460 for more information or schedule an estimate in terms of pricing — which depends on the type of property.

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Blue Sky Green Earth | Serves Montclair

Blue Sky Green Earth is a landscaping company that operates entirely on electrical power. From lawnmowers to the company’s vehicle batteries, all of the tools and machines run electrically, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Leaf removal is on its list of services — and Blue Sky Green Earth uses electric leaf blowers.

BT Property Services | 73 Scrivens Street, Totowa

BT Property Services is a landscaping company that also provides handyman services, spring cleanup services, and more. In support of the new leaf-blowing laws in Montclair, the company will be making the move towards electric tools, and will be able to service any residents in Montclair. Residents can fill out a request form here.

Dente Landscaping Inc. | 45 Walnut Street, Montclair

Dente Landscaping Inc. is another Montclair-based company with 30 years of experience that specializes in building Montclair residents’ dream outdoor environment. Dente has made the shift to electric leaf blowers to accommodate the newly in-place Montclair proposal. Residents can contact Dente directly by phone at (973) 746-7888, where potential customers will be asked to provide address information to get an idea of what the pricing of these services will look like.

Lincoln Landscaping | 306 Pulis Avenue, Franklin Lakes

Dedicated to all things natural lawn and plant care, Lincoln Landscaping has been serving the New Jersey community since 1974. Lincoln Landscaping uses organic practices when it comes to its landscaping services. The company provides electric fall leaf clean-up services in addition to gas-powered mowing and landscaping services.

Maxtor Landscaping + Masonry LLC | 460 Franklin Avenue, Belleville

Belleville-based company, Maxtor Landscaping + Masonry LLC, specializes in landscaping and masonry-related services. Although this company isn’t located in Montclair, it works to provide electric leaf blower alternatives over gas-powered ones.

Nick’s Landscaping + Construction | 165 Valley Road, Montclair

Serving the Montclair community since 1989, Nick’s works within the landscaping and construction realm. As it is directly operated in Montclair, this company has implemented battery-powered leaf blower systems versus gas-powered ones. When inquiring about this service, the company needs to see the actual property in-person to come up with a pricing estimate. Nick’s Landscaping + Construction can be reached at (772)-240-4107 or potential customers can visit the website for more info.

Ojeda + Son Landscaping + Construction | Orange

With the upcoming fall season, Ojeda + Son has a specialized spring and fall clean-up —  involving the picking up of the leaves that have fallen on the ground. The company can be reached via its website form or by phone at (973)-592-3294.

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Outdoor Digs | 45 South Park Place, Morristown

When it comes to lawn services, Outdoor Digs uses zero-emission, low-noise equipment. Creating a sustainable environment, its equipment is entirely battery-powered to help reduce noise that comes from the average equipment, such as the gas leaf blowers that were once used. An inquiry form can be filled out on the website to learn more about rates and service descriptions here.

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