Diamond, A Happy-Go-Lucky Pitbull is Ready For Adoption

Diamond is an adorable nine-year-old Pitbull Terrier who is currently available for adoption at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. She has a sweet and calming personality. With a smile like no other, Diamond radiates happiness. Read on to learn more about Diamond from Bloomfield Animal Shelter and how to apply to adopt her.
Name: Diamond
Breed: Pitbull Terrier
Weight: 90lbs
Age: 9.5 years
Ideal Home: Her ideal home is experienced with large-breed dogs with aging senior issues. Diamond recently had an epilus (tumor-like growth) removed from her mouth that has grown back. This does not interfere with her eating and has been tested – it was benign! Due to her age, we have decided to not put her through any intense treatment, and find a home that will let her live out her life!
Kids: Yes, she has previously lived with children under 10.
Dogs: Yes, she has previously lived with 2 dogs and doesn’t mind the dogs at the shelter.
Cats: While she did not live with cats previously, she hasn’t shown any aggressive reaction to the caged cats in the shelter or loose feral cats roaming on the property.
Crate-Trained: Yes, will bark for attention if she knows you are near.
House Trained: Yes
Other training: Knows how to give paw.
Leash Manners: Diamond is a big girl and can be strong on the leash for some. She also likes to stop & roll around the grass every so often while on her walk.
Personality: Diamond is a sweet, happy-go-lucky older girl. She seems to be unfazed by the other animals around her and absolutely LOVES to chew aka destroy toys! She’s a gentle giant who still has tons of pep in her step.
Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Diamond was originally found as a stray in 2018 and brought to our shelter. It appeared that she had recently given birth and was likely let go of after. She was adopted in 2018 where she lived with other dogs and kids. Sadly, her owner fell on hard times earlier this year and was unable to continue caring for her pets. Diamond was surrendered back to us this past May and has been hoping for a permanent home since.
For more information about Diamond, please fill out an application at Bloomfield Animal Shelter. 

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