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Nuts + Delights: Montclair’s Newest Mediterranean Eatery

by Christina Mastroeni
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Montclair Center has always been a great place to spend the day. Whether for shopping, having a meal with family, or grabbing a quick bite with friends, it seems like there’s something for everyone. A new patisserie opened its doors recently on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, adding a unique Mediterranean flair to the center’s collection of coffee and pastry shops. Keep reading to learn more about Nuts + Delights, a sure staple to the Montclair community.

About the Owner

Nuts + Delights is owned by Mustafa Emre. He moved here with his cousin, Emre Durdu, just two years ago. Emre also helps Mustafa with his new establishment, Nuts + Delights.

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The Ivy at Chatham

While the two have only been natives to the Montclair area for about two years, they soaked in the diverse community vibes Montclair has to offer. “Montclair has some of the nicest parts in New Jersey, American and European styles.” Mustafa also mentioned how much he loved Montclair’s diversity and festivals. “The atmosphere makes you be creative.”

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Montclair’s diversity and creativity are what encouraged Mustafa to invest in opening his storefront in Montclair Center. Mustafa expressed one of his goals is to showcase the diversity of Montclair through his artistic patisserie design. He wants to share his culinary art with the Montclair community. “Sharing is caring,” he expressed. “We don’t see this customer as a customer. We see them as friends. Everyone is contributing something.”

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Mustafa, having a background in the culinary industry, was inspired by the Montclair community to open his establishment on Bloomfield Avenue. Mustafa was once working in line prepping large amounts of food. Now, he is looking to turn his hobby of culinary art into a growing business. What makes the Nuts + Delights patisserie unique to Mustafa is a “delicate approach with artistic presentation.” A tradition Mustafa shared is “Let us share sweets, let us talk sweet.”

coffee pastry shop nuts delights montclair interior

Mustafa said that his goals for Nuts + Delights this year are to start growing and keep growing. He has big plans to make his establishment a staple for people in the community to visit, share, and even plan events. Mustafa’s biggest source of inspiration for this is “connecting everything… welcoming Mediterranean culture.” He also expressed he wants to see and meet new people in his patisserie every day to hear from them and share with them.



About the Space

When first walking into Nuts + Delights customers will be greeted by warm wooden floors, rich, dark blue walls, minimalist floor lamps, and round tables, chairs, and stools. The tables are small and hold space for two people, but can be pushed together if accommodation is needed for a larger group. There are also a few high-top tables to the right upon entrance.

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Muhamad said that Nut + Delights can turn into an event space. If looking to plan a party, the team is willing to work with the community to transform the patisserie into a party space after hours. Nuts + Delights also welcomes businesses looking for space to run meetings or smaller corporate events as well.

There will soon be tables available in the outside space in front of the establishment so customers can enjoy indoor/outdoor dining. Nuts + Delights is also a dog-friendly establishment.

Menu Items

Nuts + Delights serves up a variety of delights that vary in flavors. Turkish delights include apple, rose, pistachio with hazelnut filling, apple coconut walnut, baklava, and more. Delights can be ordered individually or ordered by small and large varieties. Available bagel options are plain, chocolate, and more.

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For those who can appreciate a cup of Turkish coffee, look no further than Nuts + Delights. Coffee options include Turkish coffee, american, cappuccino, latte (also available in chai and dirty chai), mocha, espresso, and regular coffee (decaf also available). Flavors can be added to coffee drinks upon request. Nuts + Delights has options for herbal and Turkish teas.

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Nuts + Delights will have a website with a menu and social accounts available soon.

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