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OASIS Mind & Body: A Mental Health Practice in West Orange With Spa-Like Amenities

by The Montclair Girl Team
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This article is sponsored by OASIS Mind & Body.

Mental health services can help you become the best version of yourself, but in many cases, adding another appointment to your schedule can feel like a chore. OASIS Mind & Body, located at 300 Executive Drive, Suite 100 in West Orange, is a luxury psychiatry and therapy practice that wants patients to think of their appointments as “me-time.” The team at OASIS Mind & Body believes that mental health treatments should be rejuvenating and enjoyable, thus you’ll find the space outfitted with high-end finishes along with many amenities — including a Himalayan salt room, a library, a meditation room, a private gym, and a snack bar filled with healthy delights. Keep reading to learn more about OASIS Mind & Body in West Orange and the available mental health services.

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Mental Health Services

OASIS Mind & Body provides a variety of mental health services in a beautiful, private space. The treatment team can provide medication management for depression, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, OCD, developmental disorders, and neurocognitive disorders.

Treatments at OASIS start with an hour-long in-person consultation between a prospective patient + board-certified psychiatrist. According to their lead doctor, Dr. Rachael Brothers,  “Medication management is more than prescribing pills. It is an ongoing process of monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting doses to support each patient’s unique diagnosis and symptom profile”.

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“Our goal is to provide a medication regimen that is safe, effective, and suited to the individual’s specific needs. We strive to empower each patient with knowledge and understanding to enable them to make informed decisions about their mental health, as well as take an active role in their treatment journey,” she continued.

In addition to medication management, OASIS Mind & Body provides three different styles of psychotherapy. Aesthetic treatments like Botox and fillers will soon be available at the practice as well, to enhance each patient’s entire well-being.

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Spa-Style Amenities

OASIS Mind & Body takes a “whole-body” approach to mental health. The practice has spa-like amenities for patients to use before + after their appointment.

Patients are encouraged to spend 30 minutes before or after their appointment enjoying the amenities, like the private Himalayan Salt Room, + a meditation room inspired by the zen gardens of Japan.

There is an on-site library where you can get some work done or unwind with a new book and a 2,500-square-foot fitness center that is fully equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and luxurious, marble-clad, locker rooms.

“Our patients are here voluntarily as investments in their wellbeing. What sets us apart from other practices is that the time patients spend in our office is designed to be a personal luxury that they enjoy, like going to their favorite workout class or restaurant. This isn’t just another doctor’s appointment. It’s “you” time,” Dr. Rachael Brothers said.

Oasis library with black chair, table with rose, and large bookshelves on the walls

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All About OASIS Mind & Body

OASIS Mind & Body provides an all-inclusive approach to psychiatry and mental health. This North Jersey practice specializes in medication management and psychotherapy including applied behavioral analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and drama + expressive arts therapy, treating patients 15 years and older.

“After having the opportunity to train in one of the country’s largest psychiatric hospitals, I have a profound respect for mental health and wellbeing in general. Getting to support and empower patients to be their best version of themselves is such a privilege,” Dr. Rachael Brothers, DO, a board-certified psychiatrist who opened the practice at the end of February, told The Montclair Girl.

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^ Dr. Rachael Brothers, DO

OASIS is a private patient-centered practice that provides personalized treatment plans. Dr. Rachael Brothers understands that one-size-fits-all treatments don’t work and “unless the patient enjoys or feels like an active participant in the process, their commitment to getting better will fade.”

“I have the opportunity to make an impact on my patients’ daily lives. I get to help normalize people’s anxieties, fears, stressors, and responses to them. I hope to aid people in understanding that with the right tools and support, they aren’t powerless,” Dr. Rachael Brothers said.

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OASIS Mind & Body is located at 300 Executive Drive, Suite 100 in West Orange. You can call 973-552-4555 to book a consultation or any questions.

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