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The Best Local TikTok Accounts to Follow in New Jersey + NYC

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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This past year, TikTok has taken over the social media world — and it’s not just for 15-year-olds.  TikTok is a great way to share unique video content (and hey, potentially learn some serious dance moves for all the world to see or become famous) so it’s no wonder so many people — including the Montclair Girl team — are hopping on the trend. Since we’ve been enjoying local content per usual,  we figured we’d share with our readers our favorite TikTok accounts around the local New Jersey and New York City area.

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The Ivy at Chatham

Shameless plug to start — @thehobokengirl is on TikTok sharing video content on all things Hudson County and local happenings. Make sure to follow to keep up on things to do around Hoboken and Jersey City. 


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NJ Acupuncture Center is a local acupuncture and aesthetics center with two locations — one in Jersey City and one in Bayonne — that is relatively new to the TikTok scene. Follow to keep up on all things wellness related like sneak peeks at some of the different treatments offered.


Obvi, we would also be on the list — @themontclairgirl is on TikTok sharing video content on all things Essex County and beyond. Make sure to follow to keep up on things to do around New Jersey. 


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This account is run by an NYC-based music producer and dancer, so when you follow him, expect to hear some great music and see some pretty amazing dance moves. His videos are an excellent resource for anybody in the NJ dance community looking for some inspiration.


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Follow the New York Bucket List for videos centered around the most fun things to do in NYC. The account offers suggestions on great spots to visit {when we can physically visit again}, activities, and tips on ways to stay active in the local community. 

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Joey Schifilliti — aka the founder of Jersey Loud — is NJ TikTok famous and his videos are definitely worth the follow. Not only do his videos cover all the trending dance moves, but his brand —NJ Loud — is a pretty big deal to NJ music lovers. NJ Loud hosts concerts and parties for NJ local teens with all the latest music.


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Casey Fiore is a local NJ TikToker with sarcastic content ranging from sarcastic comedy, pop movie references, and famous YouTuber gossip. She rose to fame with her association with the YouTube-famous Dolan twins.


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The official TikTok of the Garden State, NJ Gov, is all New Jersey, all the time. This account is an essential follow as an NJ local, offering all the newest Jersey updates as well as videos from our local officials, like Friday updates with Governor Murphy and his wife. This account is killing the social media game across the board, check out their twitter to get constant updates on all things NJ news.


This Jersey Girl’s account is loaded with all of the latest trending dance moves. She’s a great follow for any aspiring TikTok dancers who want to stay current on the app’s best dance routines.

@jferrrtik tok 13

This NJ user account is TikTok famous in New Jersey for his funny videos. His videos consist of funny pranks and tricks, as well as super relatable comedy. 


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Hair by Lima is a hair-style account, ideal for those of us looking for hair tips on coloring, styling, and even non-heat styling tips. The account is run by a salon based in South River, NJ. Follow these balayage and blonde salon experts to stay up on hair trends, even while in quarantine.

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This NYC-based account posts all things New York food. From local food spots and recipes to baking tutorial videos, New York Eats is the perfect follow for all foodies or aspiring cooks — plus its mouth-watering videos will give you inspiration for your next meal.


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This account is a must-follow for anyone interested in the beautiful scenery around NYC. The account takes you to some of the best places to visit in the city — all from your phone. Follow the account for specialized tours of the city and behind-the-scenes New York fun.


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Prescriber is a famous health and wellness TikTok account based in NJ, run by a foot and ankle surgeon. When you follow this NJ doctor, your feed will be full of informative videos about medical procedures, the latest medical appliances, and the newest wellness tips. 

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