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Bellevue Theatre Reopening With New Concept

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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A staple in the Montclair community, Bellevue Theater has announced that it will be reopening in the fall with a new concept. Built in 1922, the theater has been a longstanding fixture in Montclair – always adapting to the times – and according to the owner, there are big plans in the works for the theater. Read on to learn what we know about Montclair’s Bellevue Theater’s renovation plans. 

Bellevue Theater

Plans to reopen the space as a theater that would also host community events and have a full bar + concession stand were on hold due to COVID-19, North Jersey reported.

The owner of the Bellevue, Doreen Sayegh, has owned the building with her father since 1996. She explained in a statement, “This iteration would keep the Bellevue as a traditional movie theater that will show a mix of commercial, art, family, and classic films.”

According to the report, she plans to add another stage to accommodate live entertainment including comedy shows, TED talks, and book and poetry clubs. Doreen also hopes to secure the rights to the live feed of the Metropolitan Opera.

The new plans will include a concession stand, two new ground-floor retail businesses, and apartments on the second floor.

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“I have lots of ideas from trying things in other towns. I think Upper Montclair is the ideal location for this type of content,” Doreen said in a statement.

The plans to renovate and reopen have been openly supported by Montclair councilmembers including 1st Ward councilor Bill Hurlock who said, “It’s one of the gems here in Upper Montclair. And it will help the restaurants come back and the Montclair Film Festival.”

There is no official opening date for the Bellevue Theater as renovations continue to move forward. We will keep you updated as more details unfold.

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