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Where to Get Waxed in Montclair + Beyond

by Skye McDonald
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Summer is here, and with the world officially reopening, swimsuits and shorts are replacing leggings and hoodies once again. If you’re feeling fuzzier than the organic peach you picked up at the farmer’s market this weekend, don’t worry. Montclair has a host of salons available to get you silky smooth and summer-ready. Read on for a list of the best waxing spots in the Montclair area.

wax the city

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Tips for First-Timers

If you’ve never waxed before, it’s normal to be a little nervous. Anyone who’s seen Steve Carell’s unscripted chest waxing scene in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” would certainly have reason to be intimidated. While waxing can be uncomfortable, it need not be a nightmare by any means. Here are some simple hints to know before you go.

The Ivy at Chatham
  • – Don’t shave in advance. Not the day before: for a full week or more before,  depending on how fast your hair grows. The hair needs to be completely grown with a bit of length in order for the wax to adhere to it.
  • – Take a pain reliever before your waxing. Taking an anti-inflammatory such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium before you wax will keep redness and sensitivity to a minimum. If you take it before your procedure, the NSAID will already be in your system, thus working right away. (Warning: it’ll still be a little red and tender, just not as much!)
  • – Stay cool – literally. Going for a wax after your morning jog is not great for your waxing technician and a bad idea in terms of discomfort. Cool skin is less sensitive because the blood isn’t flowing just underneath. So, blast that car AC and take a deep breath. You’ve got this!

Where to Go

212 Salon & Day Spa | 212 Bellevue Avenue, Upper Montclair

212 Salon + Day Spa

(Photo credit: 212 Salon & Day Spa)

212 Salon & Day Spa is a hair salon on the first floor. Upstairs, whirring hairdryers are muted as your step into a quiet oasis of their spa area. Massages, facials, mani/pedis, and waxing/threading are all available, so consider creating a package and making an afternoon of it. The facilities are spotless and the expert technicians are friendly and responsive to individual needs. Prices are reasonable, and you’ll do well to bundle your services. A full leg wax is $65 and a Brazilian bikini $50, but if you combine the two the price is $100 for both. MG Tip: Irene, one of the wax technicians, is also an incredible facialist. If you book her for a wax, definitely make time for a facial too.

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ANEW Hair Salon | 43 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair

(Photo credit: @anew_hairsalon)

ANEW Hair Salon is a full service salon that offers a myriad of services to make you feel your best. Their licensed esthetician, Cheyenne, will leave you feeling smooth and silky on your day of pampering. Women and men have a full-menu of wax services to choose from. Prices are reasonable so you can get ready for a lounge by the pool day, without a worry in the world.


ARC Beauty Salon | 295 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

ARC Beauty Salon

(Photo credit: @arcbeautysalon)

ARC Beauty Salon’s loyal customers swear by their favorite technicians. This Bloomfield salon offers a variety of hair removal options. Threading, soft wax, and hard wax are all available. Eyebrows are their specialty, and ARC even runs a Brow of the Week feature on Instagram. Tag them and use the hashtag #arcbrows for a chance to be featured.  Beyond eyebrow threading and waxing, ARC offers excellent prices on treatments for the face and body. A Brazilian bikini wax is only $30, with $10 off for first-time customers. Full leg waxing is only $40, making ARC the most inexpensive salon on this list by far. With glowing customer reviews that speak of friendly staff and clean facilities, this salon is definitely worth checking out. 

Bloomfield Wax & Skin Care Center | 607B Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield

Get a silky-smooth Bloomfield Wax & Skin Care Center. This day spa will “renew your state of wellbeing with a luxury experience,” including teeth whitening, body wraps, tanning, facials, and even vaginal steaming. Women and men can select from a full-body menu of waxing services and round out the experience with a body treatment of their choice. Prices are moderate: just $25 for a women’s Brazilian wax but $75 for a full leg wax.

Brazilian Sugaring Studio | 452 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

This woman-owned business specializes in Brazilian and Manzilian sugar hair removal so you are in tip-top shape for summer. Women and men can select from a full-body menu of waxing services. Their most popular service is the Brazilian Bikini which starts at $65. The Brazilian bikini will allow you to wear even the most revealing swimwear. There is also no need to worry about pain because their staff is fully experienced on the sugaring technique.

CBL Skin Studio | 5 Montgomery Street, Bloomfield

CBL Skin Studio offers a variety of services like body waxing, facials, lashes, honey skin exfoliants, and lymphatic massages. Their pretty kitty package which includes a Brazilian wax service followed by a double cleansing customized vajafacial treatment is valued at $85.

Portray Salon | 551 Valley Road, Upper Montclair

Portray Salon

(Photo credit: Portray Salon)

Portray is a hair salon that also offers nail and waxing services. This women-owned business will have you summer-chic from head to toe. Waxing options are not as extensive as some specialty salons, but prices are incredibly reasonable. They’re running a June special: Keratin treatment for $35, plus leg and bikini waxing always start at $25. With prices like that, you can get fully ready for a beach day or date night and splurge on an extra bottle of rosé.

Waxing the City | 652 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

Waxing the City

(Photo credit: @waxingthecity)

Waxing the City is a nationwide chain salon with a highly rated outpost on Bloomfield Ave. Great service, accommodating schedules, clean facilities, and thorough waxing are all highlights here. Prices are moderate but can vary depending on gender. For example, a women’s Brazilian is $65 and $77 for full leg while mens’ prices are $115 and $80 respectively. Waxing the City uses hard and soft wax depending on the region. They also offer skincare and beauty products to create a complete spa experience at home. Waxing the City wants to cultivate a loyal customer base. It offers a 20% discount for first-timers and a membership club with rewards benefits for returning clients. 

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SKN | 408 Bloomfield Avenue, Ste E1, Montclair

skn montclair

(Photo credit: @sknmontclair)

SKN is a full-service spa, so this is the place to go if you’re adding wax to a day of pampering. SKN is known for top-rated attention to detail, services customized to individual skin types, and its relaxing atmosphere. SKN offers full body waxing, from lip and brow to full leg and bikini. Prices are moderate, charging $50 for a full leg wax and $50 and up for a Brazilian bikini. SKN’s focus on skincare extends to a variety of products available for purchase and means that your wax experience will be expertly handled for optimum results. 

The Woodhouse Day Spa | 56 South Park Street, Montclair

The Woodhouse Day Spa

(Photo credit: The Woodhouse Day Spa)

The Woodhouse Day Spa focuses largely on body treatments and facials, but waxing and nails are definitely part of their services. Prices aren’t cheap: $100 for a full leg wax and $90 for a Brazilian, but The Woodhouse’s focus on excellence makes it worth the extra cash. According to Nicole, an employee at The Woodhouse, “Loyal clients come in for waxing because they love our girls here.” But don’t go to the Woodhouse for a quick wax and go. Take the time to indulge in one of their signature services. Nicole recommends, “The Hydrafacial for the most advanced facial you can get. Or try the Woodhouse Escape for a full-body package that gives you a little bit of everything: exfoliation, massage, and hot stone relaxation.”

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