7 Unique North Jersey Instagram Accounts to Follow

From memes to vloggers, foodies, and dogs, this growing list has a variety of Jersey-based accounts to choose from. In hopes that Instagram doesn’t crash again, we’ve rounded up a few local New Jersey Insta accounts you should follow before it’s too late and #Instagramdown happens again. Here is the list:

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Foodie explorers, this account is for you. Meet Maggie and Bryan, a married couple from New Jersey who are eating their way through the Garden State and beyond. From going to the best restaurants, drinks, and festivals they can find, they share everything through their social media page and blog. Next time you don’t know where to go or what to eat, head to their page for some food inspo around the state.


It’s tough trying to not be nosy and pay attention to other people’s convos. We’ve all been there, where you try to hear snip-its of conversations because of how juicy the tea sounds. So this account just made it easier for all of us, no need for eavesdropping anymore when they do all the work for us. 

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Travel back in time while scrolling through Instagram with Vintage New Jersey. This account shares all of New Jersey’s history, culture, landmarks, and rare moments. With many before + afters, this account can show you how times have changed.


Contrary to what other states may say, New Jersey truly isn’t boring like their IG handle states. Although we are a small state compared to others there is so much to do here. As their site states “…there will never be a day in New Jersey where you have nothing to do”.

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Carli Bybel was born and raised in New Jersey, and now she is a famous vlogger, makeup, beauty, and fashion guru. She has her own makeup palettes as well as worked with large clothing brands like Missguided to launch her clothing line. Oh, and she also recently became a new mom!


Well known in the Montclair community, Babs is a red fawn french bulldog that has blessed the Montclair Girl grid a few times already. Born just 2 years ago, Bab’s has all the cuteness that is needed for the pup to become Insta-famous. Follow all of Bab’s mischievous activity while he’s exploring the town. 


Made only for those who truly love New Jersey, New jersey memes is the account every proud Jerseyan should follow. It is the perfect place to join other Jerseyans and find comfort in making fun of neighboring states like New York and Pennsylvania. Only follow their account if you truly “stan New Jersey” like the rest of us do.

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