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The Local Girl Media Group Launches The Asbury Girl, a New Sister Brand

by The Montclair Girl Team
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August 10, 2023 The Local Girl Media Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its new sister brand, The Asbury Girl. Created by Jennifer Casson Tripucka and The Local Girl team, consider The Asbury Girl, your Jersey Shore BFF for all things Jersey Shore. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident, The Asbury Girl is the go-to source when it comes to discovering new places and things to do in the Jersey Shore area.

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Jen started the first TLG brand, The Hoboken Girl, in 2012 and has grown her brands with a small team to have several outposts in various local cities, with local writers and team members in each city. She has a background in education and was previously an editor at Condé Nast, and her team are trained journalists and media professionals. Additional sister brands include The Montclair Girl, The Jersey City Girl, and The Catskills Girl.

She also teaches via The Local Girl media platform to students around the world interested in starting a local community in their own cities. (Link: Coaching.TheLocalGirl.com)

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The Local Girl brands all have local resident writers and editors who cover various local lifestyle topics — including food, drink, things to do, volunteering, wellness and self-care, real estate, local news updates, and more. Each site also has a give-back component, sharing volunteer opportunities, ways to give back, and often donating to local nonprofits in need. In both Hoboken and Montclair areas, the sites have donated over $30,000 to local non-profit organizations over the last few years.

“While I started the brands, it’s truly the writers and locals that bring them to life. There’s nothing like local communities celebrating the things they love about their neighborhoods,” she shared.

The Asbury Girl is run by local Jersey Shore residents who experience the local shore lifestyle and bring it to life through engaging social media and article content on its website — from the best seafood spots in Asbury Park to where to get a facial at the Jersey Shore.

The website also features a job and real estate listing estate section, where employers can post jobs, and renters, landlords, and realtors can post listings for rooms, shore houses, and homes available for sale or rent in the Jersey Shore area.

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The website for The Asbury Girl is launching in early August and has already quickly established its presence on social media prior to the launch.  In just five weeks, The Asbury Girl has organically grown its Instagram following to over 16,000 local enthusiasts who are eager to explore the latest local happenings and businesses in the Jersey Shore area.

You can follow along @theasburygirl on social media, head over to TheAsburyGirl.com to get notified about updates for launch, and email [email protected] for more information.

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