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A Mysterious Restaurant at Newark Airport: What We Know

by Stephanie Spear
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The Montclair Girl loves bringing you the latest news about restaurants – especially those that are in a unique location or are a little mysterious. This one checks both those boxes. Even though Terminal A at Newark Airport has been getting the spotlight lately thanks to its recent renovation, there’s something special going on in Terminal C. That is, if you can snag an invite. An ultra-exclusive restaurant called Classified has reopened in Terminal C. Read on to learn more about the experience, and about other dining options at Newark Airport. 

About Classified

Classified is located near gate 120 in Terminal C at Newark Airport, near the newly renovated Polaris Lounge. It recently reopened after a pandemic-related closure. The speakeasy vibes are part of the experience right off the bat: diners arrive at French restaurant Saison and tell the host that they have a reservation at Classified. To access the restaurant, diners walk down a long hallway into a completely sectioned-off space. Classified seats 38 at a mix of bar-side and table seating. Large glass windows overlook the tarmac.

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As if Classified’s location essentially inside another restaurant wasn’t a clue that this place is exclusive, access to the restaurant is by invitation only. Patrons are invited through the United Airlines app based on their reward status. One prospective diner with Silver Medallion status (one of the lower tier levels) was not eligible for a seat at Classified.

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Once a patron has received the invitation, the meal itself is a paid-for experience. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 6AM to 10PM daily. The food is described as French/American/Steakhouse style and the bar has a full suite of choices, including a cocktail cart.

We have to imagine that Classified is a fun experience for aviation fans to get an up close and personal look at the activity on the tarmac, and a peaceful way to enjoy a leisurely meal or an elegant cocktail while at the airport. We’d love to hear from MG readers who have been to the renovated Classified – please email [email protected] to tell us about it.

New Jersey Shines at Terminal A

In January 2023, Terminal A at Newark Airport was reopened to the public after a multi-year, $2.7 billion project was completed. The work began in 2018 and while the bulk of the work is complete, some projects are still being wrapped up this year. 21 out of the 33 total gates are open now, and the rest will be open by the end of the year. Additional work on the exterior of the building was designed to improve the passenger experience getting to and from the terminal, including expanding the drop-off and pickup lanes and creating a central parking garage for all car rentals.

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The number of gates has doubled, and the space allotted for security screening and baggage check-in has increased significantly, which will increase the airport’s capacity.


Several homegrown businesses are featured in the new terminal, from restaurants to art. A total of 29 local artists’ works are showcased throughout Terminal A in the arrivals and departures halls. There is a shopping plaza featuring New Jersey-based designers and manufacturers. Three Jersey City-based restaurants are in the food hall: Kitchen Step, Bang Cookies, and Jersey & Co. Gelato.


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