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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Montclair

by Olivia Rizzo
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Recycling is a vital part of reducing waste and making a personal carbon footprint smaller. But it is key to recycle correctly in order for communities to realize all of the benefits recycling can offer. We’ve created this guide to clear up any confusion and help keep Montclair green and recycling friendly for National Recycling Day and every day. Read on to learn more about recycling in Montclair. 

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How to Recycle in Montclair 

Montclair provides a variety of recycling services including a curbside pick for mixed paper, and commingled recycling for glass, metal, and plastic. There is also drop-off recycling available at the Public Works Center located at 219 North Fullerton Avenue. 

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For weekly commingled recycling, all materials must be uncontaminated and rinsed out. All items must be placed at the curb in a rigid plastic or metal container no bigger than 35 gallons. Recyclable materials placed in cardboard boxes, plastic, or paper bags will not be accepted.

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Recycling is collected during the week based on what zone an address is located in. This interactive map from the township will tell residents which day the recycling pickup is zoned for.

Accepted Materials For Recycling


Plastics marked 1, 2, 5, tin and aluminum cans, clear, brown, green glass, poly-laminated paper beverage containers (milk & juice containers), and aseptic packaging containers (small lined juice containers). Plastics narrow neck containers that contain soft drinks, milk, juice, water, bleach, laundry detergent, light cleaning product, health care products (lotion, shampoo, etc.), and food products are allowed, but they cannot exceed one gallon.

Note that styrofoam and plastics bags cannot be recycled at curbside pick up and plastic bottle tops, lids, and straws should be thrown out with regular garbage. 

Mixed Paper

Newspaper; cardboard (except wax-coated cardboard boxes), magazines, catalogs; all office paper with or without staples, envelopes (with or without windows), paper bags, junk mail, postcards, greeting cards, math and composition paper, paperback books; hardcover books with the hardcovers removed, phone books, real estate book, coupons, sweepstakes mailings, and packing paper.

Styrofoam Recycling 

Select types of styrofoam can be brought to Montclair’s Community Services Yard every other Saturday between the hours of 9AM and 1PM. The following items are accepted in a clear plastic bag: clean, white hard molded foam coolers. Protective Styrofoam commonly used in shipping: large, white, hard molded pieces and foam sheets, ex. the material used to protect furniture and deliveries.

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Recycling Appliances 

Residents can schedule curbside pick up of household appliances by making an appointment with the township. There is a $10 fee for items containing CFCs, including refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, payable in advance at the Public Works Center. 

Items can be placed at the curb starting at 6PM. the day before pickup is scheduled. To schedule an appliance pickup and obtain a permit, contact the Department of Community Services at (973) 509-5711.

Recycling Electronics

Montclair accepts electric items such as computer equipment, CPUs, monitors, printers, TVs, VCRs, cell phones, and stereo equipment for recycling at the Public Works Center on Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM.  

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