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Montclair Girl’s 1st Annual Puppy Photo Bowl 2022 — NOMINATE YOUR PUPS!

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We are thrilled to announce The Montclair’s Girl’s 1st Annual Puppy Photo Bowl 2022! Essex County is a great place to have a pup, so sharing photos of your adorable four-legged friend is a must — especially when it’s to help a rescue non-profit — and prizes are involved. This interactive contest will crown one lucky dog as the winner of some amazing local prizes! We will also be donating a portion of the sponsorships to Hounds in Pounds, and encourage our entrants to do the same. 

The contest will take place from Tuesday, February 1st through Tuesday, February 15th.

montclair puppy bowl

What It Is

Our version of Puppy Bowl is a Puppy Photo Bowl Contest. 

Starting Tuesday, February 1st, submit your pet’s cutest photo to hello@themontclairgirl.com

The photo can be of your furry friend in their cutest outfit or in their birthday suit, with a description of their favorite things. Include a screenshot of your donation of $5 or more to Hounds in Pounds, our rescue of choice this year for *extra* consideration.

Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 PM on Monday, February 7th. The nine finalists will be announced on Wednesday, February 9th at which time the entire community will vote on which pup is the cutest canine. Voting will end on Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM and the winner of the Montclair Girl’s Puppy Photo Bowl 2022 will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th.

Contest Entry Requirements

montclair girl puppy bowl 2022

  1. Follow @TheMontclairGirl + follow the contests’ sponsors @lbhealthypetmarkets and @montclairpetgirl on Instagram.
  2. Tag a fellow dog lover in the comments
  3. Submit a photo and description of your pup via the form below, or email hello@themontclairgirl.com your pup’s photo for submission + screenshot of your donation and include a blurb about your dog (name, age, city, story, favorite treats and activities, and favorite local pet business).
  4. Donate to Hounds in Pounds via the link or via @houndsinpounds on Venmo — optional but encouraged.

Other info you may need:

  • The dog does not have to be a puppy — we just call them all puppies 🙂
  • A pic in their cutest attire or birthday suit is perfect — just make sure it’s 1200×1200px minimum sizing, large photos, or original size
  • We recommend donating to Hounds in Pounds and sharing a copy of the receipt — it may get you bonus points with the judges, and we’ll be donating a portion of our sponsorship fees, too!

The Contest Sponsors

L&B Healthy Pet Markets | 15 South Fullerton, Montclair

montclair puppy bowl

IG Handle: @lbhealthypetmarkets

Giveaway Gift + Value: $150 gift basket of goodies from @openfarmpet, @bravopetfoods, @einsteinpets, @oc_raw, @boccesbakery, @fabdoginc, @bossdogbrand

Located at 15 South Fullerton Avenue in Montclair, L&B Healthy Pet Markets prides itself on being just that — healthy. The salespeople are well-equipped to help you find the best fit for your pup when it comes to dog food. From lines of raw frozen, freeze-dried, canned food, and kibble, this shop has it all.

Montclair Pet Girl | 41 Watchung Plaza, #301, Montclair

montclair puppy bowl

IG Handle: @montclairpetgirl

Giveaway Gift + Value: $100 gift card toward pet services

The team of tet sitters and dog walkers from Montclair Pet Girl are a local go-to when looking for someone to care for your pup. They understand that new situations can be stressful for dogs so they come to your home to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Scheduling is easy and flexible and all caregivers are carefully screened to ensure the safety of your pet.

Don’t forget to submit a photo of your dog between Tuesday, February 1st and Monday, February 7th via the form above or email hello@themontclairgirl.com and donate either way — happy puppy bowling!

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