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Your 2022 NJ Horoscope Has Arrived, Thanks to a Local Astrologer

by CrystalB
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‘Tis the cosmic season to look ahead and think about how the stars will align for us as we head into the next year. Despite a COVID Christmas, 2022 will be a much better year according to its astrology. Every sign has a lot of things to look forward to including new opportunities to travel, make a getaway, pioneer new endeavors, romance, a revival of the arts, new creative inspiration, and discoveries of alternative means of soul food. Everyone has the potential to make important gains in the year ahead. Here are the 2022 highlights for every sign, Jersey style. Take what inspires you and leave the rest. For additional information into the astrology behind 2022 and detailed sign information check out my 100 page 2022 Guide.

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2022 delivers a new definition of what’s worth your energy and what’s not. New goals begin to unfold, directing your attention in totally new directions. An important slow down surrounds you as you contemplate brand new steps, which you will be ready to take come Spring. You are a warrior and live and fight for what you love, but you’re going through a process of redefining exactly what that is. Even though it’s not your style, it’s important to consider slowing down so you can better connect to your instincts and the inner voice of where you need to go.

The summer will be an important time of celebration and integration of all that you have learned: a new you will begin to emerge.  The summer also brings previews of major new initiatives. Another important slowdown surfaces in the late fall, reminding you that things don’t always go as quickly as you like. As you see your way through all the twists and turns, make sure to lean into your courageous heart to break through false illusions. New developments and connections are unfolding to help you manifest the next phase of your story.  


A continued push outside your comfort zone calls you in 2022. This isn’t a new message in any way, shape, or form. The feeling of being shaken out of your familiar has been around you for quite some time now. In many ways, you’ve been trying to accept the challenge of operating in this unknown zone. You’re getting more comfortable with all that’s uncomfortable. The universe has been asking you to wear a new kind of persona. As you hit 2022, it’s becoming clearer into what the new you look like. Watch for signs in mid-January, when the great awakener and shaker Uranus, wakes up in your sign: it’s GO time for you, Taurus.

This period through mid-August will be action-packed with new developments. I also recommend watching 2022’s eclipse seasons highlighting your sign (April 30 to May 15 + October 25 to November 8) with major beginnings and endings. New 18-year cycles are underway, specifically during these periods. Make sure to allow for space in your work for a new kind of freedom of expression to peek out. It’s necessary for you to be flexible in 2022. What makes the year ahead so exciting is that opportunity finally arrives for you to define this new you in the making. Others will see and appreciate this new you. It’s now becoming more real than ever and the world begins to feel completely different in your new existence. Embrace your whole self: all your inner and outer beauty, loyalty, resourcefulness, and perseverance.


Being curious will serve you well in 2022. Honestly, you’ll have no choice but to become an explorer as you begin to see totally new things on your horizon. There will be a lot to take in, but some of the most important developments of what needs to happen will remain behind closed doors and hidden from others. I challenge and applaud all the questions you will ask. On the more public front, a new role, job, or life directional path may find you unexpectedly. Watch developments to ramp up from March through mid-May in your most public sector. May 30 will also prove to be a rather important date for you, with an important New Moon in your sign opening up new initiations.

The questions you will ask along the way will remain an important portal that energizes others. Expect a lot of attention on all you do for a good portion of the year. You are quick-witted, thoughtful, and genius in your ability to synthesize all the pieces. Putting things together and analyzing the way things work is your genius, but thinking so much may not serve you well in 2022. Allow for space to be with what doesn’t fall in line with the logical realm, but rather speaks through signs and senses. Surrender to some things that won’t make sense because much of what happens to you next won’t. Expect to get a little lost in the excitement of all that’s happening. Try to leave yourself a trail in order to get back to solid ground. With Mars going retrograde in your sign at the end of the year, it’ll be important to find your way back home for some downtime to process all that happened. 


You will enter 2022 with the knowing and mindset of how to claim your rightful place, particularly with your closest alliances. You’ve done a lot of deep work through the years and emotional traps are something you won’t fall so easily into anymore. You’re almost done in getting rid of all your karmic baggage and there is simply no looking back now. New kinds of freedom surround you to let go and gain contentment in doing so. Watch for signs coming at you with the January 17 Full Moon in your sign. Big decisions surround you then, along with some possible revisions. A special kind of cosmic support begins to take hold from mid-February through May. Anyone who is lucky to catch your caring nature is lucky indeed.

While old relationships are clearing out, new ones are destined to form too. New relationship cycles are in the making. Throughout all of the ups and downs, make sure to build in time to find new outlets of healthy escape, particularly with your favorite element of water. The Jersey Shore is just one of the places calling your name. With lucky and expansive Jupiter activating your house of travel, this could be the perfect year to make your own rejuvenating escape. Expand your horizons in the year ahead and make a courageous leap into the unknown. With lucky Jupiter spending a good amount of time in your most public sector, you will need to test the waters of being seen and coming out of your shell. The decision is yours to stay small and secluded or embrace the whole ocean to which you so rightfully connect.


As you head into 2022, possibilities are all around you, my brave-hearted and fearless lion. Despite any bruises still remaining for 2021, your light is still shining from the inside and out, and it will grow brighter the deeper we get into 2022. What you offer to the world is radiant. An important shift is now underway with 2022 inviting you to find time to feed your sparkle from within. While there is always a need to feel validation from the outside world, a new desire to fuel your internal flames calls. Unexpected career growth and new abundance in public roles, outside of your norm, will gain speed. Watch for important shifts taking place from mid-January onwards. But you’re going to need to be honest with yourself and respect limitations.

The year ahead is looking for you to be brave in facing new emotional realities: it’s time to break yourself free from bad patterns and blocks holding you back. To help offset the challenges, make time for joy and do things that fuel your creative expression. A new kind of fire fueling you forward will immerge in Mid-May through late October. You will need a catwalk to be yourself, authentic and uninhibited during this period. More work surrounds your most intimate relationships. Put in the time to make what you really want strong and lasting. Your deepest effort is necessary for 2022, but the payback for doing so is absolutely priceless.


Get ready for new relationship doors to begin swinging open. The year ahead is all about connection and walking through a maze of lots of new faces. Alliances will begin pouring in quite quickly from March through April, specifically. Remain creative and open-minded along the way. Some of the things that are destined to happen will not be explainable. Creativity will be important. While many people don’t equate Virgo with creativity, this is your moment to prove them wrong. Finding new portals of creativity will be a door to some of your most important healing and success. The universe will push you to find new comfortability with putting yourself out there on the front lines. Perhaps begin the process by doing something joyful vs. work-related (not your style).

There is something to be said about joining the fun and work together in 2022. In the end, you might find a way to have fun with being seen and heard in the spotlight: happiness and laughter are the holy grail that your soul is on the hunt for. Perhaps over the years, the path to yours has gotten blocked or muted in some way. Maybe you got in your own way, or maybe it was someone else. But now it’s time to release old barriers and tuning into a new sense of joy. The year ahead wants you to make sure that every block in your path is removed. Smiling removes blockages. Laughter removes barriers. Love removes pain. Think outside the box and don’t be scared to try out something wildly different, as you embark upon co-existing with others in entirely new and magical ways. 


It’s time to show the world what you’re capable of. 2022 delivers opportunities that reveal your many multi-faceted talents, which of course include making lots of connections. You are, indeed, from every angle a born networker. I see you building a new kind of magic in your 2022 terrain. Entirely new routines and a brand new or updated living/working environment beckon. Maybe some new co-workers or a new job entirely, as well. No matter the case, make a promise to yourself to lean into 2022 with a dedication to celebrating yourself like it’s your job. There will be more work to do, but achievements and long-awaited successes come along with it. You’re still in the process of healing your deepest ancestral roots. Family dynamics might still prove quite complicated but decisions become easier.

I know there’s a part of you that’s tired of digging so deep and excavating deep-seeded patterns that no longer serve you. But I have no doubt that you’re so much more liberated today as a result of all of it. Watch for the developments that surface in your home and family area of life in late January. A new, eight-year cycle begins to take root from that point onward. I applaud you for working so gracefully through situations where you needed to surrender. You’re refining the art of saying no, not feeling guilty as you do it, and maintaining boundaries. You got this. Prepare to make some important and final releases around the time of April 16 when the Moon will be full in your sign showcasing all your attractive genius. Where you go from here will showcase the stronger, wiser, and more liberated peaceful warrior that you are. 


Get ready for a big year ahead. So much awaits that you might find it hard to keep up. The really good news about your 2022 is that a totally new source of soul food is destined to find you. Opportunities, particularly in the late winter to early Spring, are in the making. And I know you need it. Important relationship developments and entirely new roadways for new 18-year cycles are now calling your name. The year ahead poses a big question for you, Scorpio. This is your moment to decide if you will go low like the scorpion or soar high like the phoenix that you are. There is no doubt that you have been challenged. Both Saturn and Uranus have been working you over and they will continue to do so. There’s no magical elixir to take to feel unstuck, but the difference this year is you’re becoming more strategic in how to deal. Make more space in your life for yourself. Take time to connect to your element of water or make a private getaway to decompress.

Try not to go to extremes, but rather listen to yourself and your limitations. Stop when you can and just BE. Follow the tides of your feelings, rather than running from them. The road to freedom is uncomfortable, but better traveled than not. What’s waiting on the other side is part of your ultimate destiny. With powerful eclipses lighting up the four most important corners of your life (self + family + relationships + career) an entirely new existence is calling. Watch the eclipse seasons of 2022 highlighting your sign (April 30 to May 15 + October 25 to November 8) for major beginnings and endings. Use your Scorpio superpowers of intuition, regeneration, and strategic planning to see your way through all that’s calling. You don’t realize how very wise you are. Your enormous capacity for honesty and intensity, depth, and passion can make you soar so high. Even though you have been burnt down, you will always find a way to rise again. 2022 is the year you will be able to turn all of your resources into rich soil that you can fully root yourself into. Soar high!


Getting here has been a journey and it’s a good thing you are an adventurer. The past few years have delivered some of your most important crossroads and now you have gotten to the other side. All the trekking you’ve gone through in the magical dark has revealed your self-worth, superpowers, and value. You have seen so much and exposed scary things under the surface. I respect and honor how you put your own truth to them. 2022 is your year to move forward and integrate all these discoveries into new possibilities. You’ve gained important tools along the way and all of them will be necessary for your next. Get ready to embrace an entirely new kind of fire, specifically from Mid-May through the end of October. Lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be blazing you forth in a brandy new kind of way. The direction you’re heading in, now, is far different than you ever imagined.

Watch for important developments with the June 14th Super Full Moon in your sign. This will be one of the largest full moons of the year and not to be missed. What’s visible over the horizon is a place you’ve never gone before. The year ahead delivers a new task to restore what is most important. Moments of escape will find you and planning an adventure of either small or large scale will do your soul good. Just remember your way back, because it’s going to be very easy to get lost with all the possibilities you will begin to see. The temptation will be great to go off on never before traveled pathways. Take time to process making big leaps and only go after the ones that you’re willing to stick with. Experiment with new ways to nourish your soul but make sure to set limits too. Be disciplined about staying curious and adventuresome. As radical as it may seem, make it a point to keep some stable routines. You’re forming a new relationship with your body. Listen to its needs and respect its limits.


As you hit the 2022 ground, new calls for freedom or to break out of your old mold surround you like never before. A moment, in the great scheme of it all, arrives to step outside your normal boundaries and do something wildly different. Watch for developments early in the year. Things will begin to unfold for you quickly and gain speed from January on. Mid-January delivers an important GO and you will likely surprise yourself in how far you push the envelope. A new eight-year cycle is also in the making that takes root at the very end of January. Your new identity begins to bloom from that moment onward. As you head into Spring, you might end up in some foreign land or mystical space that feeds your soul in an entirely new way. Maybe you meet someone that shakes your soul in a good way. Maybe you just let go, not plan, and just see what happens: serendipitous moments call upon you in the months ahead. While the world has always been very serious from your standpoint, your vision is changing.

You’re getting younger and lighter with each day that passes. The mountains will always be high and there’s no doubt that you will always keep climbing- and never shying away from hard work. Your perseverance, tenacity, and “just get it done” mindset have helped you do so many things well, entirely new goals and mountains are calling. You might even be ready to begin as early as January 2, with the first New Moon of the year in your sign. The realization of this goal will be known by July 13 when a Super Full Moon in your sign lights up the night sky. Something powerful is in your 2022’s making. As you continue the trek up, be aware that an entirely new playing field is taking form. Listen for the call to step up communications and interact with your community. You’re going to be busy. The call for freedom will not stop. Leave room for unplanned things to happen. A more liberated version of yourself awaits. Whether you realize it or not, you do not need to remain boxed into a rigid definition of reality. You can step outside of your usual confines and remain realistic, strategic, and practical. Be radical as you embrace 2022, n your own kind of Capricorn way.


It’s time for a big year, Aquarius. Developments will begin to unfold as early as January 18, as your ruling Uranus stations forward. Your most important initiations will take place from that period through August 24 when the same planet will station back. The eye of the tiger is yours to behold. A new moon in your sign, taking place on February 1, ushers in the Year of the Tiger (according to the Chinese Zodiac) and new opportunities for you to DO YOU. Be bold, courageous, and adventuresome. The stakes are high and you will have a choice to go high or low. Light up your desire and fire to evolve. Be ready to embrace the challenge of deciphering the details vs. analyzing the big picture. All eyes will be on you and I expect you to engage with much attention from your chosen circle. Let the world see you as the eccentric visionary that you are and wear the title proudly. You’re still going to be working through fears of self-image and doubt but I sense you are stronger. You now have over a year of Saturn in your sign under your belt. Saturn is difficult, harsh, and cruel but he makes you so very wise. The more comfortable you can be in your skin, the further you will go.

Expose illusions you may have about yourself and remember that you are so much better than a mirage. Kick the year off with tools to properly manage your workload. Be ok with moments of slow down to connect to your deeper purpose. Decisions may need to be made regarding what’s sustainable and what’s not. Your ruling Uranus will be pushing you to take bigger steps toward freedom and captaining your own ship. He’s also going to continue to stir the pot in your home and family area of life. Expect to deal with those who are controlling over how you want to run your house. What’s important to you may not be as important to someone else. Eye-opening moments will help you make new discoveries about your closest relations. Celebrate your growth together but remind yourself of when it’s necessary to walk away. Expansive and lucky Jupiter initiates new opportunities to earn more money, invest in retirement, or manifest bigger dreams. He’s going to be pushing you to expand your possibilities further than you have ever dared to go.


The year ahead is yours to be had. So much awaits you in 2022. By the time it’s through it will always be forever embedded in your heart and soul. Romance, opportunity, magical and unexplainable moments are just a few of the things surrounding you as you step in the year ahead. You will be called to make your greatest escape of all while remembering not to venture too far off course. Be ready for an adventure into what’s real, what’s possible, and what’s not. Dreams can and do come true. One of the most opportunistic New Moons of 2022 takes place on March 2 bringing your deepest manifestations to life. Dream and achieve all that’s possible. But do remember that the things that will become MOST real take planning, awareness, and determination. Make sure to pack some focus and a lasso to reign in your emotions. Feelings will run strong for you, as they always do. An important new 12-year cycle of abundance is waiting. Be ready to confront all things that confuse you and be sure to look at them closely.

You, Pisces, come to love not by finding perfection, but imperfection. The more broken and bruised the harder you will fall. This is your power and your curse. Confront yourself about this and make a promise to save yourself in 2022, not someone else. Build structures for creating healthy boundaries and remember your limits. Prepare to tell your story because it will mean a lot. While it’s still unfolding, you will be challenged to become more of the victor vs. the victim. Use your vortex of creativity to vision the victory of all that you’re chasing after. Your intuition will be high – stronger than ever. Listen to the voice within that will keep talking. You can soar high, as long as you aren’t leashed by trying to save someone else. Opportunities will find you and I encourage you to put yourself out there. Remember the power of your alliances and network. Apply for that job or put your application in for promotion. Go for glittery gold. Know that you have all the superpowers you need. Tap into your twenty seconds of insane, embarrassing, and brave courage. And believe that something great will come of it. 

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