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First-time Home Buyer? This Local Mortgage Lender Can Help

by The Montclair Girl Team
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So many of us have dreamt of owning property — and this dream comes with excitement, nerves, and a huge list of To-Dos. Before you get overwhelmed, The Kechian Team of loanDepot, located at 204 Bellevue Avenue, Suite C in Montclair, is here to make getting that necessary loan to buy a house really easy. The team has modernized the financing process to help ensure the experience of getting a mortgage is as efficient as possible, leaving you with more time to tackle that ever-growing list. Keep reading to learn more about the local team + the exclusive offer for Montclair Girl readers.

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The Benefits of a Hyperlocal Team

The Kechian Team is a boutique branch of the national lending firm loanDepot. It has its own team of processors + underwriters, meaning the local team has direct control of the lending process. Baret Kechian, who has been in the industry for over 25 years and has ranked as a Top 10 National Loan Officer for the past four years, heads up the Montclair-based group. The Kechian team has six licensed loan officers and three production assistants who prioritize the customer’s experience in the way a hyperlocal team does so well.

“Homeownership is a major milestone, and we have the privilege of following our clients throughout their personal journeys,” Baret told Montclair Girl. “Not only do we get to help our clients purchase their first homes and walk them through each step, but we also get to be there during their special moments of growing their families and expanding their careers. To be a part of those natural next steps of our clients’ lives is the most rewarding.”

The Kechian Team embodies the ideal combination of mom + pop service with the secure backing of one of the largest non-bank lenders in the country. The Kechian Team of loanDepot offers over 300 unique mortgage products, competitive rates, and an entirely digital loan experience.

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Buying a House in Essex County with Kechian Team

The Kechian team has extensive knowledge about the real estate market in Essex County, enabling them to assist a range of clients across 27 states in finding the right home financing options. 

What sets this team apart from other lending agents is their capacity to effectively help a large number of people without ever sacrificing quality or accuracy. Local clients of the Kechian Team benefit from open communication from the entire team so they can enjoy the seamless process and get exactly what they want.

“We are able to give constant updates, and despite the number of transactions we are processing, we have the systems in place to be quick with responses, and most importantly, consistently accurate,” Baret mentioned. “As our business has grown, so have our relationships with many of our clients. We find that the clients that we get along with so well in Hoboken and Jersey City are the same ones moving to towns like Montclair. Like me, I think they love that combo of city and suburb.”

Historically, The Kechian Team did the majority of its business in Hudson County, but in recent years, more families have been on the hunt for space in the suburbs — with Montclair at the top of the list for many families looking in North Jersey.

“We have done more loans in the suburbs in the past two years than we had in a decade. Montclair is a great suburb town that is centered around the community. During difficult times, the community bands together and is an uplifting environment,” Baret said. “It’s a great town for both couples as well as families, with an amazing food scene and one of my favorite wine shops in NJ — Amanti Vino. I love the combination of suburb and city where you can have some space in your home but have an amazing and bustling downtown.”

At the end of the day, the Kechian Team aims to help others get the home they want, whether the client is a first-time homebuyer or searching for a dream home. 

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Don’t forget you can receive $250 toward closing costs when you mention The Montclair Girl at the time of application when you close on a purchase or refinance with The Kechian Team of loanDepot. This offer expires on February 1st, 2023.

The Kechian Team’s Montclair office is located in the heart of Upper Montclair at 204 Bellevue Avenue, Suite C to discuss home financing options or reach out to 201-796-6441 with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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