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Montclair Indoor Golf Club Opens on Bloomfield Avenue

by The Montclair Girl Team
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This article is sponsored by Montclair Indoor Golf Club.

Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean that your golf game has to go into hibernation mode. Montclair Indoor Golf Club is officially open in Montclair and has some of the most advanced technology to help take your game to the next level. With 24/7 access every day of the year, this indoor golf club located at 369 Bloomfield Avenue, features two simulator bays with both TrackMan4 and Trackman iO launch monitors — perfect for those looking to play a round with friends or practice their swing and skillset. Read on to learn more about Montclair Indoor Golf Club + how you can book a tee time at the Montclair club.

about the indoor golf club

The Ultimate Golfing Facility

Montclair Indoor Golf Club is an all-access facility that is focused on one thing — helping you get better at golf. Whether you are working on honing your skills or having fun with friends, this club has everything you need to have fun and improve your game.

Montclair Indoor Golf Club offers its members 24/7/365 access (via smartphone app) to two virtual golf bays, both powered by TrackMan technology, which is considered the best of the best in the golf world. Every decision made by the team at Montclair IGC was derived by answering one burning question – ‘what’s going to help golfers get better and enjoy their practice while they’re indoors?’

Whether you want to play a round with friends while enjoying a beer (MIGC is BYOB), or practice and analyze your swing, stroke, and mechanics, this local facility has the technology to make your golf experience top-notch.

The MIGC team hasn’t nailed down how to get better at putting indoors, but provides what they believe is the best-putting aid in the industry and are committed to being at the forefront of what the industry offers. Montclair IGC is the first facility in New Jersey with a TrackMan iO.

book a tee time

Tech Specs

Montclair IGC provides the best-in-class technology for both playing and practicing. MIGC is one of the first facilities in the world to feature both TrackMan4 and Trackman iO launch monitors, So whether you’re playing or practicing, Montclair IGC has the best equipment available for your use-case.

Both pieces of hardware offer a fantastic golfing experience, but on the margin, the Montclair IGC team recommends playing on the TrackMan iO due to instantaneous ball flight. You can play rounds of golf at some of the best clubs in the world at your fingertips.

montclair indoor golf club

The TrackMan4 is a state-of-the-art launch monitor that stretches beyond the capabilities of the TrackMan iO system regarding club data. The ball flight isn’t instantaneous but it is optimal for practicing and instruction.

In addition to providing the most advanced hardware + software on the market, Montclair IGC uses the highest quality mats in each of the bays to help improve your game even more.  High-quality mats ensure real-life feedback on poor shots, and are even soft enough to hit a little behind the ball as you would in a greenside bunker. According to the team at MIGC, these mats are a must-have for improving your game indoors.

“Our mats are designed to ‘punish fat shots’ properly,” owner Jimmy Vukanovich explained to The Montclair Girl. “Over time, using great mats will result in better ball-striking without having to change anything about your swing. I thought this was a 3/10 in terms of importance when I founded Chatham Indoor Golf Club and after hearing from our members, it’s at least a 9/10 when it comes to getting better indoors.

The facility also does not use inserts in its mats in an effort to keep golfers’ alignment in their process.

“Oftentimes, golfers don’t realize that the inserts work as alignment sticks, giving golfers horizontal lines that help them align their body with the club or target, which they certainly don’t have on a real golf course,” the team told The Montclair Girl. “This results in confusion and frustration after ‘striping it on the range’ and then immediately feeling uncomfortable and hitting it all over the place out on the course.”

about the tech

Memberships + Packages

Montclair Indoor Golf Club has two different options for playing at the facility — hourly rates or membership packages.

Hourly-Rate sessions provide access to one bay and the entire TrackMan suite. Non-members can book a tee time up to seven days in advance for $75 per hour (includes up to 3 guests). For reference, most singles can complete 18 holes in around 45-60 minutes while a foursome will typically finish in about two hours.

The golf club has three membership options:

Causal Membership — includes two-anytime hours per month 24/7/365 access, bookings two weeks in advance, access to tournaments, and up to three guests. Any unused hours roll over on your account.

Full Membership — at $225 per month, the unlimited weekday use makes the Full Membership the most popular product. It also includes two weekend hours per month, bookings two weeks in advance, access to tournaments, and up to three guests. Any unused hours roll over on your account.

Teaching Membership — are best used for instructors to teach clients. Hours are purchased in 10-hour blocks and never expire. You can book up to 30 days in advance and have up to three accompanied students. This membership is limited to the TrackMan4 bay, which is optimized for teaching.

Memberships at Montclair Indoor Golf Club only require a one-month commitment and golfers can switch between these options at their leisure. The team will continually monitor usage to provide the best experience for everyone at the club. Membership will be capped when the club is at full capacity based on the mix of members, guests, and event schedules.

become a member

Montclair Indoor Golf Club is located at 369 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair and 11A Roosevelt Avenue in Chatham. To sign up for membership or to learn more about Montclair IGC visit the website or email help@montclairigc.com.

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