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This Montclair Resident Created a Flea Market to Support Small Businesses + Creators

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Montclair is bustling with holiday events and happenings and a new non-profit is giving locals another reason to support small businesses. Montclair Flea was established earlier this year and is gearing up for its first event, a flea market featuring nearly 50 local businesses and creators at 18 Label Studios, located at 18 Label Street in Montclair. We had a chance to connect with Montclair Flea founder, Elise Pereira, to learn more about the organization’s mission. Read on to learn more about Montclair Flea and the first flea market event on Sunday, December 10th.

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Photo Credit: Montclair Flea

Getting Started

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Photo Credit: Montclair Flea

Elise Pereira is a former big-tech employee and current Montclair resident who decided she wanted to work toward something bigger. The result is Montclair Flea. “I founded the Montclair Flea over the summer as a 501c3 not-for-profit. I left my job in big tech and wanted to do something meaningful and tangible in our community,” shared Elise. While this venture is new, Elise’s love for small business is not. “I’ve always been passionate about the small business community and all things makers and vintage,” she shared. She believes that this love began when she worked for Etsy several years ago alongside her career-long focus on building culture and community within various companies.

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Photo Credit: Montclair Flea

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Elise was inspired by the Brooklyn Flea to create an organization that not only provided a place for makers and sellers to vend, but an organization that would also support business owners in multiple ways. “I had always wished we had something like Brooklyn Flea here in Montclair. I’d been dreaming about doing it for a few years and since I finally had some extra time on my hands, I decided to just make it happen,” she continued.

The Mission

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Photo Credit: Montclair Flea

Montclair Flea’s mission is to support and celebrate local, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, there are over 33 million small businesses in the United States employing nearly 62 million Americans. Each business is unique with its own set of needs and goals. Montclair Flea is hoping to support local businesses by providing a place to sell goods, meet potential customers, and connect with other business owners. Elise shares that providing resources to business owners is a priority of hers. “I knew that if I was going to create the flea, I wanted it to have a very specific focus on small businesses and what they uniquely need. So, while the markets themselves are how small businesses can be part of local commerce in a more accessible way, we’ll also focus on community-building, education, and small grant awards in the new year.”



The Flea

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Photo Credit: Montclair Flea

Montclair Flea will host its first flea market event on December 10th from 10AM to 5PM at 18 Label Street. The event will feature nearly 50 local vendors. Admission is free and guests can expect to shop one-of-a-kind finds from artisan sellers. The event has been planned with both shoppers and sellers in mind. “I’ve been so intentional in the planning of every aspect of the experience, especially for sellers, so I’m really excited to see everything come together and for our talented sellers to connect with the community,” said Elise. This is Montclair Flea’s first event, but Elise is hoping to make this a staple in the area. “My hope is for the flea to become part of the longstanding cultural fabric of Montclair. When people describe the culture of Montclair, you often hear, ‘It’s so vibrant and diverse — there’s a huge Pride celebration, Jazz fest, Film fest, and a bustling year-round farmer’s market.’ I want people to also say, ‘and an incredible flea market with the best finds and food from all over New Jersey,’” shared Elise. Elise hopes that after the anticipated success of the first flea, the event will take place seasonally and, eventually, monthly.

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Getting Involved

The Montclair Flea is the brainchild of Elise, but the effort is not possible without the support of the community. The organization has a Board filled with brilliant minds and community advocates, but there are opportunities for others to get involved as well. Elise believes that having many people involved will make the organization better. “I think the more voices and hands we have involved, the better the experience will be for our community,” she shared. Those looking to get involved in volunteering and supporting the organization can sign up on the Montclair Flea website here. Elise also plans to lean on the support and partnership of previously established community organizations for an even bigger impact. “I also plan to partner with many of the great organizations we have already doing a lot of work to support small businesses locally. There’s so much potential to make Montclair the best place for artists and entrepreneurs,” said Elise.

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