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A Live Snake was Found on a Plane at Newark Airport 

by Sarah Boyle
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In other North Jersey news, a Newark Airport flight has reenacted a real-life version of Snakes on a Plane (sort of). On October 17th, a snake — yes, a live snake — was found on a United Airlines flight that had just landed after flying from Tampa, terrifying passengers. It’s unclear how the snake ended up on the plane, though it was promptly + safely removed. This comes just weeks after almost 200 flight attendants were seen protesting outside of the airport for chaotic, unsustainable work conditions. We covered exactly what went down with this snake on a Newark flight. 

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What We Know

On Monday, October 17th at around 1:15PM, a United Airlines flight landed at Newark Airport. It was on its way to its gate when someone let out a scream from the business class section, per News 12 New Jersey

The Ivy at Chatham

The culprit was straight out of a horror movie: a live snake. 

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It’s unclear how the snake ended up on the plane — nor do we know how it didn’t pose a problem on the entire 2-hour flight from Tampa (unless, somehow, the snake found its way on the plane after the flight had landed at Newark). 

Passengers allegedly pulled their feet up on their seats in horror, per New York Post

According to CBS News, the United crew said they immediately “called the appropriate authorities to take care of the situation” once passengers alerted them to the reptile. Workers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in addition to the airport’s wildlife operations staff, were brought in to remove the snake. No one was injured. 

After removing the reptile, officials confirmed that it was a garter snake. 

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Per Newsweek, garter snakes are harmless. Herpetologist Graham Alexander told the outlet that passengers were “worked up over nothing” — though we can understand why finding even a non-venomous snake on a flight would be a freaky experience. ‘Garter snake’ is a fairly general term and apparently covers 35 different kinds of snakes — some venomous, some not, so the passengers on this flight lucked out that this garter snake was harmless. 

We’re still eager to know how the snake got on the plane and, if it happened in Tampa, where it hid for the duration of the flight and how it managed to go completely unnoticed until landing. 

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