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Jam Burger: A Must-Try Spot In Garfield

by Samantha Bonizzi
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If you’re craving a quality burger and a sweet treat, look no further than Jam Burger. Located at 87 Passaic Street in Garfield, New Jersey, Jam Burger is known for its unique and delicious burger and milkshake combinations. The restaurant also features a funky, music-driven vibe, which helps explain the name. As manager Bryant Minaya puts it, “What makes Jam Burger different is our mission to redefine the experience that you’d expect from a local burger joint. People love it for the variety of menu items, eye-catching decor, and welcoming hospitality.” Read on to get the inside scoop on Jam Burger in Garfield.

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The Eats

When it comes to comfort meals, there’s little that beats a burger and fries washed down with a shake. And Jam Burger has artfully mastered this combo.

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There are three burger choices that take center stage — the Classic Burger (with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and signature sauce), the Jam Burger (topped with a jalapeño cheese popper, caramelized onions, and smoked bacon-bourbon jam), and the Bodega Burger (with a fried egg, sweet plantains, Monterey jack cheese, red cabbage, and garlic sauce). The Bodega Burger is a personal favorite of Bryant’s for its diverse flavor profile and perfect combination of sweet and savory.

jam burger garfield

Burgers come with a side of regular or sweet potato fries (MG pro tip: ask for a side of garlic sauce to dip your fries in). Sauces are homemade daily in-house. The menu also includes a fried chicken sandwich, breakfast burger, chicken and waffle, and veggie burger.

jam burger garfield

No outing to Jam Burger is complete without one of their signature shakes. Each one is a work of dessert art, featuring a decorated (and edible) rim and topped with whipped cream and a sweet drizzle of sauce. Flavors include an Oreo-inspired Black + White, Strawberry Shortcake (with a Strawberry Eclair ice cream bar sticking out the top), Reese’s Cup, Jam Chocolate (this one comes with a Hostess chocolate cupcake) and the Jamlatte which is full of coffee and cinnamon goodness.

jam burger garfield

The Atmosphere

The food isn’t the only thing that makes a trip to Jam Burger an unforgettable experience. According to Bryant, the inspiration for Jam Burger’s overall aesthetic and vibe is the connection between food culture and pop culture.

A variety of records line the ceiling — a collection curated by Jam Burger management. It feels as though you’ve been transported inside a jukebox, with music from these records often being played inside the restaurant. The playlist is a steady rotation of hits that make you want to jam out as you dine (pun intended).

jam burger garfield

Plus, who doesn’t want to dine with Tony Soprano? The interior wall boasts a huge mural of the fictional New Jersey mobster eating none other than a Jam Burger (much of the The Sopranos series was filmed up the road on Passaic Avenue).

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You can follow Jam Burger on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for upcoming announcements regarding new menu items and days and hours of operation, including a new late-night delivery option coming soon.

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