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Resources for the Homeless in Hudson + Essex Counties

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Essex and Hudson Counties have the highest homeless populations in the entire state of New Jersey — at 10 percent and 24 percent, respectively. Resources for the homeless population stretch beyond access to housing. Often, social services, case management, mental health support, economic services, and more are implemented to help redesign the lives of those experiencing homelessness. We rounded up organizations that are providing these resources to the community and looking for volunteers to help.  

homeless resources hudson essex county

ANSWERS Moving Forward {1344 Springfield Avenue, Newark}

The formerly incarcerated may find opportunities and housing difficult to obtain after serving time. Enter ANSWERS Moving Forward, a New Jersey-based non-profit set to reverse the hard times faced by men in this community specifically. Learn more about the organization here

Cornerstone House {68 N Fullerton Avenue, Montclair}

In the 1980s, homelessness was thought to be an urban issue in the United States. As shelters began to pop up more in these areas, officials learned that many people were coming from suburban areas. In Essex county, many people were coming from Montclair specifically, despite being known for its affluent neighborhoods.  The Cornerstone House was opened in 1986 making it the first of its kind in the area. This shelter provides emergency housing for those in need. Learn more about the organization here

Covenant House New Jersey {330 Washington Street, Newark}

Homelessness and human trafficking are major issues in the area with the majority of victims between ages 18-21. Covenant House is working to provide sanctuary and support for this age group specifically experiencing these tragedies. CHNJ has seven locations across the state with Newark being its main crisis center where support is provided 24 hours a day. Safe housing and transition planning are offered at all locations, no questions asked. Learn more about the organization here.

Family Promise of Hudson County

Family Promise is a key resource for families experiencing homelessness by providing temporary housing in Hoboken and Jersey City. In addition to being a housing resource, Family Promise has a day center where families can take showers, receive case management, and use the technology to apply for jobs. All services provided by Family Promise are made possible through volunteers and donations. Learn more about the organization here

Harmony House Transitional Living Facility {278 South Orange Avenue, Newark}

Moving from homelessness and dependency to permanent housing and self-sufficiency is not an easy task. Harmony House Transitional Living Facility is here to help. By providing 102 families with individual apartments and on-site social services to break down barriers and provide fulfilling lives. Learn more about the organization here.

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Helping the Homeless III LLC {269 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark}

This shelter is committed to helping provide resources to the homeless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Both men and women above the age of 18 can find refuge and services through this program. Walk-ins are also accepted pending state approvals. Helping the Homeless III LLC is in need of volunteers. Call 973-732-9200 to find out how to help.

Hope House {246 2nd Street, Jersey City}

Hope House is a shelter for homeless women and their children. The program houses up to 20 mothers and children by offering a short-term supervised residence, three meals a day, assessment/planning, case management, housing, education, food, and clothing. Donations are accepted for Hope House. Learn more about the organization here.

Hudson County CASA {442 Hoboken Avenue, Jersey City}

Every foster child deserves to find a loving home—Hudson County Casa has made its mission to find those homes. Through court-appointed special advocates, children can access medical, therapeutic, and educational resources. Regular meetings are held for those interested in becoming foster parents and donations are always accepted. Learn more about the organization here.

LGBT RAIN Foundation {168 N Park Street, East Orange}

Homelessness disproportionately affects the LGBTQ+ community. The RAIN Foundation is working towards an end to this. Investing in this community is important to the well-being of our society. RAIN Foundation is providing house and resources for those who identify as LGBTQ+ to develop lifelong skills for independence. Learn more about the organization here.

Newark Emergency Services for Families {982 Broad Street, Newark}

Keeping families together when experiencing homelessness is crucial for the road to self-sufficiency. However, many facilities do not allow for both men and women. Newark Emergency Services for Families allows for full families to stay together. They provide temporary housing, food pantry, clothing pantry, case management services, low-income assistance, and more. Learn more about the organization here.

Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation {111 37th Street, Union City}

For over 30 years, PERC has been providing hope and resources for the Hudson County community.  This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offers emergency shelter to individuals and families, a soup kitchen and food pantry, a day program, permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals, and other community services. They are able to provide a safe environment for those who need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about the organization here.

Peace House Inc. {257 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark}

The mission statement of Peace House states “We believe each woman is created as a unique and valuable individual. Therefore, our mission is to present an opportunity for life change by instilling purpose and vision to women whose lives have become unmanageable.” The shelter provides exposure to recovery resources and more. Learn more about the organization here.

REAL House Inc. Juniper House {95 Grove Street, Montclair}

Convenient access to resources is not often found in areas where homelessness is a major issue. Juniper House is within walking distance from key resources for those looking to move their lives into a more positive place such as a social security office, grocery store, laundry mat, and support groups. Learn more about the organization here.

REAL House Inc. Women’s Shelter (95 Grove Street, Montclair}

For the last 10 years, Real House Inc. Women’s Shelter has worked with women in the process of recovery from substance and domestic abuse. The Real House provides safe clean housing for women as well as support services needed to redesign their lives. Learn more about the organization here

St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter {619 Grove Street, Jersey City}

Emergency housing and food are needed by thousands in our community. St. Lucy’s offers this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for single men and women. Once the needs of those visiting are assessed; additional resources are provided. These services include welfare, unemployment, job training, addiction programs, mental health services, and more. Guests are also treated to two meals a day, clothing, showers, and more. Learn more about the organization here

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St. Matthew Trinity Lunchtime Ministry {57 8th Street, Hoboken}

St. Matthew Trinity Lunchtime Ministry’s mission is to provide the community with a warm meal, a compassionate community, and a peaceful place to spend the morning. This church has a long-standing initiative to serve the community at large to food, hunger, and equality. Learn more about the organization here.

The Apostles House {24 Grant Street, Newark}

Larger than the homeless population in this area is the population that is at-risk of homelessness. Resources and services are important for this community as they will allow for success in areas such as health and education. The Apostles House is able to offer these services. By providing safe housing, children’s programming, and more, they are working to end the chain of homelessness. The shelter hosts over 115 families per year focused mostly on women and children. Learn more about the organization here

The Hoboken Shelter {300 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken}

Resources for the homeless go beyond food and a place to sleep. While the shelter provides both things, they also provide showers, case management, counseling, job, and life skill training, The Shelter provides housing for 50 persons a night, over 500 meals daily, and 1,000 showers a week, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food, clothing, hygiene products, and personal care items are always in need. Those interested can also give monetary donations. Learn more about the organization here.

Turning Point Community Services {1011 Grove Street, Irvington}

Breaking negative cycles is crucial to the path of self-sufficiency and getting on the path of independence. The Turning Point is staying true to its name by offering services to break cycles of substance abuse, economic and food insecurity, mental health issues, abuse, and incarceration. The shelter has the capacity to house 24 families per night with a focus on women and children. Learn more about the organization here.

Village for Humanity Homeless Services {70 Ellis Avenue, Irvington}

Supportive and stable housing opportunities can be the difference in a positive life outcome for many. Village for Humanity Homeless Services provides this housing for men in the area that are in need. The house provides a structured environment that fosters a community of understanding, dignity, and respect. Learn more about the organization here.


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