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Experts at Lukin Center Host IG Live: Tips on Intuitive Eating During the Holidays

by The Montclair Girl Team
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The holiday season can be a difficult time for many, especially those struggling with issues around eating + food, which can be a huge part of traditions and holiday gatherings. In recognition of these challenges, Lukin Center for Psychotherapy, a mental health practice with six locations in North Jersey, is hosting an Instagram Live to share helpful information. Keep reading to learn more about the virtual discussion happening on December 15th at 2PM + an exclusive offer for The Montclair Girl readers.

The Lukin Center Goes Live

The virtual discussion will be hosted by Gabrielle Milani, Director of Clinical Outreach and Engagement at Lukin Center. Three Lukin Center experts including Gabrielle Ferrara, LCSW; Elissa Gross, Psy.D.; Andrea Tesher, Psy.D., will talk about what disordered eating can look like during the holiday season and tips on how to manage it. A few tips include making a plan to deal with tough emotions that may come up, clearly communicating boundaries to avoid triggers (like conversations about diets), staying centered on the meaning of the holiday, and making time for self-care to keep stress at a manageable level.

The Ivy at Chatham

Join live, comment on their Instagram posts or stories, or send a DM to ask questions you want answered during the discussion. The full event will be posted on the Lukin Center Instagram + Facebook pages afterward for anyone who missed it. 

Lukin Center’s book giveaway this month is for a copy of Life Without ED: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too by Jenni Schaefer. Follow @LukinCenter on Instagram and tag two friends on the giveaway post to enter for a chance to win.

Eating Disorder Treatment at Lukin Center

Compassionate, targeted Eating Disorder therapy at Lukin Center can help you normalize your eating patterns, achieve a healthy weight, feel more comfortable with your body, learn to cope with stress, and work toward positive change

Individual therapy is one of the most important parts of treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and Eating Disorder recovery. The therapists at Lukin Center establish a judgment-free space, so clients can comfortably explore their feelings about food, discuss personal physical health, and identify habits the client would like to change. Therapists sometimes use tools like a food journal to help the client understand feelings and events that trigger unhealthy eating behaviors. 

Lukin Center therapists create personalized treatment plans based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methodologies and complementary techniques. This approach focuses on helping each client change patterns of thought about food and to address underlying mental health issues like anxiety, depression, self-harm, and other issues that may impact a person’s relationship with food.

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Be sure to join the Instagram Live @LukinCenter on Thursday, December 15th at 2PM and don’t forget to mention The Montclair Girl to get a FREE phone consultation with Dr. Lukin.

There are six Lukin Center offices located throughout northern New Jersey, including: 51 Upper Montclair Plaza, Suite 27 in Montclair; 20 Wilsey Square in Ridgewood; 60 Grand Avenue, Suite 104 in Englewood; 128 South Euclid Avenue in Westfield; 80 River Street, Suite 302 in Hoboken; and 277 Grove Street, Suite 202 in Jersey City.

You can call 201-409-0393 for more information or click here to schedule an appointment.

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