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This Montclair Practice Helps Women Heal + Build Confidence to Find Love

by The Montclair Girl Team
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This article is sponsored by Cynthia’s Confidence Coaching & Counseling.

Any woman who has constantly found herself in one-sided relationships is probably tired of being the “nice girl” — but learning how to upgrade your dating life and break out of a people-pleasing mindset is challenging. Luckily, Cynthia Mach, LCSW, CLC, an EMDR psychotherapist and confidence coach, can help. Cynthia’s Confidence Coaching & Counseling, located at 33 Plymouth Street in Montclair, is a mental health and self-development service that specializes in empowering millennial women to take control of their dating life by doing the inner work to process past relationship trauma + increase self-worth. Keep reading to learn more about the ways Cynthia’s Confidence Coaching & Counseling can help women heal + build their confidence to find love.

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Meet Cynthia Mach

Cynthia is a local, licensed clinical social worker, confidence coach, and EMDR therapist for dating + relationships in Montclair.  She provides one-on-one EMDR therapy and solution-focused coaching for codependent millennial women and teen girls ages 12 and up.

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“Seeing women start to fully embody loving themselves and make wiser choices in dating and relationships,” is the best part of her job, Cynthia told The Montclair Girl.

Cynthia is passionate about helping women heal and see the world differently so they can start making better choices in dating and work on finding their dream partner. Unlike general therapy practices that focus solely on mental health concerns and life stressors, Cynthia’s practice specializes in empowering women to improve their dating lives through deep healing and taking inspired action.

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EMDR Therapy

Cynthia specializes in EMDR, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. This is a trauma-informed therapy that helps people process past pain without talking about it.

EMDR therapy can help patients process codependency issues, childhood trauma, breakups, and relationship issues in a way that is more efficient than talk therapy alone.

Got ghosted a few months ago and still not over it? Let’s do a few sessions of EMDR to work through it,” she said.

EMDR is a powerful, healing strategy designed to rewire the brain, clear out old trauma, and help people start feeling like themselves again. EMDR therapy can include self-tapping your body or listening to music. Sometimes an online program is used to facilitate eye movements.

“Let’s say you grew up with a critical mother who made you feel not good enough and now you constantly date critical men that make you feel the same. Let’s work through that in EMDR,” she said.

Cynthia provides EMDR therapy both virtually and in-person. For teen girls, Cynthia can use a combination of EMDR and talk therapy to help them navigate relationship issues, friendships, anxiety, self-confidence, and family dynamics. EMDR is not right for everyone, but Cynthia can help you decide if this strategy is appropriate for your situation.

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Build Confidence to Heal + Find Love

Cynthia also provides one-on-one confidence coaching to help women expand their mindsets, enforce boundaries, and shift limiting beliefs. Through coaching, women can learn to stop people-pleasing and explore what’s getting in their way.

Coaching is an active process for people who are easily motivated and just need a little push to make a change. It can be very helpful for some people, but it is not the right approach for anyone in distress or those looking for mental health treatment.

Anyone curious about confidence coaching can reach out to Cynthia. She is excited + ready to help women who feel defeated by modern dating upgrade their dating and relationship life.

“I want women to feel empowered that they can take control of their dating life by doing the inner work to attract their dream partner,” she said.

Cynthia’s Confidence Coaching Counseling

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Cynthia’s Confidence Coaching & Counseling is located at 33 Plymouth Street in Montclair. You can call 732-630-8977 or email cynthia@confidencewithcyn.com with questions.

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