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Bloomfield Embroidery Artist Creates ‘Skippy Cotton’ — Her Online Boutique

by Eva Grall
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A trip to Parcel, the whimsical, fantastical Bloomfield stationery shop has shoppers oohing and aahing at more than just the collection of vintage finds. Amidst all the colorful products there is one designer whose work stands out prominently: Emma Mierop’s line of handcrafted pieces called Skippy Cotton. From unique embroidered ornaments to hand-stitched embellishments, Emma, an Essex County native, has a special gift for creating beautiful, inspired treasures. Read on the learn more about Skippy Cotton, an online gift boutique based in Bloomfield.

skippy cotton Bloomfield

About Emma

Behind every handmade item is a maker who toils, an artist who dreams, and an entrepreneur who loves to create. Meet Emma Mierop, the founder, and designer behind Skippy Cotton. Emma has been an employee at Parcel for many years — as the shop manager and visual merchandiser. The environment nurtured her creativity and allowed her to grow as an artist. She is a 28-year-old self-taught artist who embroiders, makes dolls, and illustrates. She also describes herself as a collector.

Emma skippy cotton

(Photo credit: @skippy.cotton)

Skippy Cotton showcases Emma’s love of textile artwork that tells a story. Her vintage-inspired illustrations and characters are meant to “bring happiness and wonder to those who come across” them. They evoke an era of the past and incorporate motifs like circus acrobats, lion tamers, and fortune-tellers.

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skippy cotton Bloomfield

(Photo credit: @skippy.cotton)

Emma is in incredible demand with a clothing line called Circa.26, full of old-world, Victorian charm, and circus-vibe campaigns. She has a private customer base, sells her products wholesale worldwide, is active in local and boutique craft shows, and ships products directly to consumers from her online store. She also keeps an active Instagram account @skippy.cotton that teases works-in-progress, the latest drops, and tiny peeks at her creative lifestyle.

The Work

The most exciting thing about Emma Mierop and Skippy Cotton is the numerous mediums she can work in. While she sees herself as primarily a machine embroiderer, she creates all her own designs and illustrations. Emma draws and watercolor paints, sells posters of whimsical faces and prints, manufactures original clothes, and repairs vintage ones as well. But it’s her detailed embroidery that stands out, this is at the center of the Skippy Cotton line. Once she embroiders a freehanded drawing into a product, she often embellishes with metallic threads, beads, and sequins.

skippy cotton Bloomfield

(Photo credit: @skippy.cotton)

Emma makes unique small stuffed ornaments, ranging from her latest little tiger for the Lunar New Year to Christmas Nutcrackers, David-Bowie-inspired bunnies, and celestial objects. Her moons and suns have adorable sleeping faces with blushing cheeks.

Animals are drawn with soft features and embroidered with pastel string. Emma produced hearts with little faces for Valentine’s Day, palms holding hearts, and even an anatomically stitched heart sachet. Many of these ornaments are filled with fresh lavender, and while they are stunning to enjoy, they also smell good.

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Each handcrafted ornament is a perfect gift in itself, but also an add-on, a gift-box embellishment, or a fun favor for seasonal parties.

Where To Buy

From embroidered face masks to lavender sachets, make sure to check out all the products Skippy Cotton’s online shop. As one would expect, many of her products are available, in-person, at Parcel at 608 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. Shoppers can also order directly through her website at Skippy Cotton. To keep up with Emma’s latest designs, follow @skippy.cotton on Instagram. 

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